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Penis Envy Enigma?

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Posted 03 June 2019 - 09:20 PM

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And it disproves some of my notions about mushrooms all together! This would have come in handy way back when Cats and I were arguing about how genetically distinct colonies in an MS grow interact!
Aaaaannnnnnd then someone throws a wrench in the spokes.
Is the wrench thrown into the mix, that the mutated strains tend to revert back to a standard cubie? I'll have to read up on colchicine again. I do recall talking about it a couple years ago.

I wonder if the trend of reverting back to a normal cube is due to the mutation having a higher energy/time cost (entropy, sort of?): Say the first spore sample from an OG A/PE/AA+ has 95% mutated genes and 5% classic cube genes, the grow will likely produce all mutated fruits. Because the dominant mycelial colonies will be mutants.

But say that 5% started growing but were overtaken by the mutated mycelium... according to the SteampunkScientist Quote, the two colonies can exchange nuclei in a way that seems to ensure best chances for fruiting. When spores are created, hyphae cells (which may have been assimilated and contain normal dna) will donate their nuclei to create spores. In this way normal cube genes can be proliferated through a mutated mushroom. Not to mention recessive traits in the mutated DNA.

IMO, this suggests that most mutations are more cumbersome than the normal cubie we know and love, and thus we end up with gold caps. Thus the more "sleek" and well balanced cube always shows back up.

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Posted 03 June 2019 - 09:36 PM

Throwing wenches? I'll have one.
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