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Agar conclusions

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#1 Kykeonas



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Posted 09 June 2019 - 06:25 AM

Now that I started the hobby again, I decided to skip the PF tek jars and go straight into agar.

Also decided to grow sclerotia producers because they can be set and forget.


Here are my notes on agar, please correct the things that I may have wrong:


Suggested recipe:


200ml water

4gr agar

3gr BRF or potato flakes or DME

optional food color


- more agar (up to 6gr ) makes it harder/stiffer which is easier in transfers.

What would the disadvantage be? ( Harder for spores to germinate? Harder for the mycelium to run into it and therefore slower and more aerial growth? ) - for this line I would appreciate a comment.


- more nutrient means that the mycelium does not need to "move" a lot to find food, therefore slower and more tomentose grow.

That means it may nor run away from bacteria if this was the motivation for agar transfers. (in that case go to 1gr/200ml)

More nutrient also promotes the grow of sclerotia (good in case you grow in agar in order to isolate good sclerotia producing characteristics) - Up to 8gr/200ml


I'm now in my 3rd transfer and I'll prepare rye today or tomorrow.

#2 crazy1


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Posted 09 June 2019 - 10:35 AM

In agar work, I use 6g - 500ml water. Which is plenty thick enough and nutrient sufficient for its use. Of course adding nutrient and Nitrogen are also bonuses. 

Nutritional yeast is very commonly used and is a great source.


Now agar is a 1 dimensional growing surface, yes I have fruited cubensis off of agar before. But for any long term growth, possibly sclerotia, the agar would most likely dry out. There is only so much water in there available. This is a reason also not to keep adding more agar. Technically you're just wasting a nutrient by going above what is needed for optimal growth.


Agar is a step in cultivation. One used for isolation or expansion it really isn't meant to be a "one stop" growing media.


I'll follow to see your results, I am interested to see if your idea runs



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#3 Kykeonas



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Posted 09 June 2019 - 10:44 AM



I mean that I step up my game and learn agar and then add rye to my workflow.

(I'm preparing rye now actually)


Promoting sclerotia in agar is for selecting/isolation of the "sclerotia producing characteristics.

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