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Been about 6 years, Lets start riding this bike again :p

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Posted 12 June 2019 - 04:59 PM

Hey yall its been about 6 years since I last posted, moved from texas to denver colorado. They just decriminalized it here so im able to start putting in some work: Golden Teachers, B+, Squid heads, Lizard king, and Amazon 


Used White popcorn and will be steralyzing some horse poop vs pasturizing. I will be using gardening lime to increase the ph in the horse substate, ive had solid grows with no contams using gardening lime.


So far i have 24 jars in total so im hoping to bring close to a pound out of this run before the flush out. Should be interesting


Since im new to Denver and this will be my first grow up here im messing around with pressure cooking times. I rehydrated all of the white popcorn for 2 hours until they were cracked open. lol yes cracked open I know some growers aren't a fan of that but from my grows there are a lot of noc up points on the popcorn cracked imo. I like to bite my corn as well to test its hydration. Popcorn must be firm to touch and teeth but not soft to where it mush's and when I bite down I like to make sure my teeth are easily able to go through it.


After rehydrating the corn I like to wash off a lot of the starch but not all. the corn should be washed out so much that the corn will barely stick to your  fingers. you want some starch just not loaded down with it. yes the mycelium loves starch and carbs (sugars) but the end result will end up with all the corn having a film on it and become gelatinous in texture and youll end up with almost no growth and room for contams. 


After the corn was dried in front of 2 fans on some towels for some 5+ hours. I then loaded the corn into as many wide mouth mason jars as I could 24 in total. pressure cooked all jars at 15 psi for 2 hours.


Waited till jars cooled down and prepped up for the inoculation. 

I like to use the 20 gal ziplock bags as my glovebox. They have a lot of room to work around in, they are cheap, and they come sterilized from the manufacture. Great choice imo for a glove box. I was able to purchase 6 bags from amazon for around 3.50 each. Turned of the air to my apartment closed the windows and went ape shit crazy cleaning and adding a full can of Lysol in the air lol. I always put my jars out with foil on top all my utensils that I will be using spores loaded in syringes and spray the ceilings, vents, windows, bags, EVERYTHING lol. ill wait 30 mins in the room. I don't like leaving the room just so I don't bring anything unwanted back in on my clothing or lungs.


After all jars had been noced up in the glove box ( 5 jars at a time, and flaming the tip of the needle even though it was fresh and sterile.) I put them inside of an incubator I made. 2 large buckets, 2 fish heaters, and a digi thermometer. need to make sure its sits at 82 degrees. the jars should add anywhere from 4 to 6 degrees due to mycelium growth and metalation. the dream number for me is 86 when adding the temps up. 


They have had FaE for the last 2 weeks daily, should be another week and I will get started on mixing the mycelium with some horse poop. then back into the hole (incubator) with them lol! here are some recent pics, I will be uploading more later to show how ropey and healthy the mycelium is.















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Posted 12 June 2019 - 05:18 PM

Great write up! Hope to se some fruits in your future!!
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Posted 12 June 2019 - 05:23 PM

welcome back, brother!  :biggrin:

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#4 paridox


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Posted 13 June 2019 - 03:00 AM

Great write up! Hope to se some fruits in your future!!


ty  :tongue:

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#5 paridox


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Posted 13 June 2019 - 03:02 AM

welcome back, brother!  :biggrin:


Thank you bro, i missed this community so much, im happy I don't have to look over my shoulder to grow now  :tongue:

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Posted 13 June 2019 - 10:14 AM

Welcome home!

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Posted 13 June 2019 - 10:57 AM

WELCOME BACK !  paridox



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