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Raven's Brown Sugar Rum

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Posted 20 June 2019 - 08:25 PM

Hi, first, yes traditionally rum is made with molasses, but even then you have to add white cane sugar to achieve a nice alcohol content, there's just not enough sugar in molasses alone to produce a high alcohol spirit. Since brown sugar is nothing more than white cane sugar coated with molasses it suits many of us home distillers purposes quite handily.


Second , as with all my recipes in this topic I will assume you know how to use your own still and therefore will not detail that process for you.



Here's what you need :


5 gallon bucket with sealing lid and airlock/bubbler


Ten pounds dark brown cane sugar (if it doesn't say cane sugar it's beet sugar, you don't want that)


1 package of Rum Turbo Yeast


4 1/2 gallons of de-chlorinated water


I cup of red oak chips for aging after distillation


 Put about 3 gallons of water in a stock pot and start heating it add the brown sugar and stir it until it clarifies(turns clear, maybe with  light golden tint)


Let it stay at about 160F for 15-20 minutes then take it off the eye.


Pour it and the remaining water into the bucket.


Let it cool to about 80F  and then sprinkle the yeast across the surface, wait ten minutes or so and stir the daylights out of it , then cover it with the lid and sit it somewhere that stays about 70-75F and let it ferment, which  usually is about 5-7 days for me.


Once fermentation stops distill as you would any spirit.


I usually end up with about three quarts of usable rum.


Take your finished product and add it to your aging container, pour the red oak chips in and let it age for about 3-6 months ,shaking it whenever you remember it.. I promise it will be smooth enough to drink at it's full strength , no reason to cut it.


If anyone tries it let me know if it works well for you, the aging with the chips is the key ingredient to making it a fine thing to sip on.


Cheers !

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