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A reality constructed by myself?

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Posted 24 June 2019 - 10:07 PM

So as many of you know I've had some terrible experiences with LSD in my high doses and i've always assumed that it was due to the acid being fake(I'll give one of the experiences the benefit of the doubt due to hospitilization).

When i was coming down yesterday from the mushroom tea i made, which resulted in a great trip, I decided to take just a tab from my friend who i trip with the most that had already taken some.

to give context to the experience, during one of my best trips, many experiences behind, i was going down a beautiful tunnel, until the tunnel opened up and i saw a brain. Ever since then this trip has never left. I believe it was an answer i made for myself regarding fractals and the fractal pattern of the brain which I wanted to relate to anything and fucking everything.

The come up was very subtle and i barely noticed when i was tripping until the peak really. But the peak is when i decided to go outside and look at the trees to see if i could change the outcome of the experience. I zoned out in the trees to see what my mind would conjure up with good hopes.

Little did i know that the world which i had constructed through all of my trips with the theme of brains was alive and communicating with me. 

each tree i saw was a brain, a big one.  in my recent report i talked about feeling like i was in a world of big brains and i was a tiny one (this was my CEV). That the big brains were out to get me, to feed off of my epiphanies and cause me to forget them. That i was vulnerable due to my brain size.

this experience was slightly different. i had no CEV related to the world, but when i went outside it was everywhere. There was eyes everywhere and each branch was reaching towards me and manifesting the fragments of a brain, which makes up the whole brain tree, into my eyes. 

I stayed calm, and decided to see what would happen. This only made it all worse, so i stopped looking at the trees and paid attention to only my wife and friends around me. This helped but for some reason it was like the trees in the background were trying to force their manifestations into my view. 

I tried to fight it by sending like, some energy thing at it i don't know, a signal. All this did was make it manifest itself so much more and more powerful, almost as if it bounced my signal off with great force. 

i ended up just going inside and my trip went well there. nothing followed me and i was only accompanied by strange patterns and black dot eyes which I've grown comfortable to.

I dont know why my mind constructed this world, But somehow it did and now LSD doesnt seem as worth it. Im glad i only dosed low and got a glimpse of what was gonna be behind the curtain if i ever was to dose more.

Gonna go all natural from now on.

happy tripping! and if you have heard of any similar experiences or maybe even constructed a world yourself, I'd love to read about it.

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