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Archetypes of the underworld and what they have to teach me.

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Posted 29 June 2019 - 02:44 AM

I went to the underworld and saw some insect lady who had some pretty scary eyes. Before I went to the underworld my girlfriend saw some cockroachers in the cabnet under the sink, mostly cleaning stuff. might be chowin down on the baking soda box idk. After I resurfaced I felt agitated, and madness mad. I was possessed by the idea that there was a bad spirit type of thing that was in the house, so I smudged and tried to scare it away.




I'm pretty sure it's still here thought. Funny how these things creep up. Some things that I think that this bad spirt can be are: Things in the mind such as anger and jealousness, bugs (the entity was a woman bug type creature), the other ( the tendency to create one), un-cleanliness, chaos, bacteria, unwanted fungussus. I think that it latched onto me and is something that causes bad dreams, forgetfulness, an inability to engder the true self, self doubt and anxiety.


We have just gotten a new foster dog. This one seems to have taken a likeing to us and follows us around and protects us. We tried to put him in the cage downstairs last nigh. But he would Henri Houdini his way out of the cage, my girlfirend and I taking turns walking him back downstairs and coaxing him into the kennel. After three times we passed out, only to wake up to him on the floor the next day. He is a big cuddler and wants to protect us. I think that he senses this spirit too, I'm not too sure about how much that effected his escape act however...

I also think that this is (and could be) a personification of a certain emotion or general vibe.



I am looking forward to dealing with this problem (of casting out the spirit) and although it is scary to look at problem solving through it is the way to go. I think that by smudging, living life more consciously (so she cannot possess me while i'm unconsciously moving through life, which she does sometimes) cleaning the home, fixing problems in the house, working towards being more cleanliness and compassionate. Living in the moment and letting go of the past seems like something that would ward this demon off.

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Posted 10 July 2019 - 01:38 AM




Anyone see mantises on their journeys?

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