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Stuntzii's Grow House

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Posted 03 July 2019 - 03:04 PM

Ah it's been awhile since I had new growing equipment coming in, 


it is a good feeling. Ordered a "Cube" after I messed my pants enjoying Mycoant81's dual continental experience(although now that I see it in my hands I could have built something a little more suited to me)

20190621_112200.jpg ,

a 4 pack of spore syringes (I scored a freebie 5th syringe),  12 pre-fab BRF jars and 4 pre-fab rye jars with a poo based substrate in a bag. I also got everything to do my own PF tek jars so don't judge my pre-fab/kit purchases to harshly. I work hard so I can be lazy =)


Built my glove box / SAB only things i may have done different then most: Bought metal flanges (actually reducers cause i couldn't find 4in flanges) for glove ports then heated them with a blow torch and melted through the box instead of cutting/drilling, sealed it with silly cone then zip tied the gloves on around a bead of silicone.


The bag of flour i bought sums up my adventures in mycology pretty well:




I hadn't realized the cube would come with 12 pre fab BRF jars and since i got an unexpected 5th spore syringe i decide to knock up the cube cakes with the free Chitwan while i waited for everything to come in. I was able to get 9 jars knocked since my fat thumbs weren't paying attention to equally distributing spores in 12. That was done on 6-21, this is one week later:


seems like a good start.

here is a picture from today:



oh yeah says the kool aid man. no signs of contamination as far as my untrained eye can tell so i decided to pork some of my prefab jars from the azon today with B+ and some pf classic. I also put about 3cc of each into the prefab rye jars keeping the species separate of course and restarting my sterilizing process in between each strain. Speaking of I had one rye jar develop the fuzzys so  it got segregated but that makes me suspect of the prefab jars autoclave processes.


Left is the azon jars knocked with B+ right is the cube cakes with chitwan. My pf classics are in another cupboard.


Also what started this quest was to eventually grow some Stuntzii's in my g.h. so i was stoked to find some natural shrooms growing all on their own out there!



They seem to love my squash plants, maybe it's the shade the leaves offer, maybe it has to do with the interaction of the hormones the roots put out to attract mycelium. Anyways seeing em grow gave me hope!


I will update ya'll when i birth the chitwans, when the B+ and Classic start doing things, and in a week when i make my own brf jars and hit em with burma.


*Note on the wild mushrooms I have no idea what type they are if i can send more info to ya'll to i.d. them it'd be cool but there's no blueing as far as i can tell so i doubt they are any fun to consume. I have been practicing taking spore prints from them though just for practice/boredom.

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Posted 03 July 2019 - 06:10 PM

Looking good!

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Posted 14 August 2019 - 01:01 AM

Updates on harvest: Chitwans from first batch successful all around.



First "one" ready plucked and consumed fresh, was surprisingly delicious.



In their homes



So pretty. Small but I'm stoked.


Drying em out.


So i gave those chits a second dunk and have harvested a healthy second flush but my humidity was high the entire time and they were bothered by it. sorry no pictures.


I started with the 12g fresh then a half g dry and have worked my way up to 2g dry and have enjoyed the experiences, nothing visual yet.


On another note i put the B+ into the fruiters and have some weird stuff going on. there's weird growths on the heads of the fruits. the bases also have a ton of white fluffy mycelium but i thought that may just be a part of the strain?


What the hell is that brown stuff? looks like a mushroom is eating my mushrooms!



Any Ideas? i picked 4 that were done before this crap showed up and they are very blue when dried so i hope i don't have to toss these freaks.


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