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agar work lions mane

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Posted 17 September 2019 - 11:39 AM

thanks for making my log a hot topic. or it might just be me clicking on myself... lol

20190918_002324.jpg 20190918_002341.jpg 20190918_002351.jpg 20190918_002400.jpg

put this bottle out of the ref. ref was at 4C. will propagate tomorrow. it was a grain to grain bottle (G2). it has wood chips in it. the wood chips might be contaminated with oyster spawn. i feel iffy on this bottle. its not cleanly eaten. it might have oyster mushroom in it. i will spawn another bottle along side it.

20190918_002612.jpg 20190918_002619.jpg 20190918_002625.jpg

this set looks good on the outside. no contamination so far. there are almond nuts used as grain. along with wheat grain i believe. took a small peek inside each bottle. it looks like the lions mane is having trouble eating the almonds. will keep observing for now.

i might just remove the almonds using a blade on the weekend.... not confident at all. i will use almonds as a substrate next time mixed with wood chips.

20190918_002827.jpg 20190918_002833.jpg 20190918_002839.jpg 20190918_002846.jpg

first generation bottle looks good. raised it from agar to grain to spawn.

20190918_003034.jpg 20190918_003040.jpg 20190918_003045.jpg 20190918_003051.jpg

looks like oyster mushroom contamination.

20190918_002642.jpg 20190918_002700.jpg 20190918_002720.jpg 20190918_002730.jpg

the controversial chocolate agar. looks like some growth in it. but as i said before it takes 30 days for anything substantial to form on my end

20190918_014838.jpg 20190918_014850.jpg 20190918_014859.jpg


i feel more comfortable with this bottle. it has more uniform growth. same color all around.... same grain to grain (G2) same date

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Posted 18 September 2019 - 01:06 PM



harvested this today. will cook tomorrow. its in the ref now.





put eggshell in one of the substrate bottles. the eggshell is for calcium. some growers claim is essential for many harvests.


all 4 bottles were put in pressure cooker. stopped the heat 1 hour after the pressure cooker started releasing steam. again the emergency valve blew up.


the HEPA air filter was open for approx 1 hour at full blast. the indicator when i started was at 001 particulate. i sprayed the air with 70% alchohol before starting. flamed my blade before each transfer. wiped the table with alchohol. rubbed my hands with achohol also rubbed alchohol with tissue on the bottles.


the HEPA filter was kept running as i was doing my transfers. it was turned off when i was finished.



20190919_011458.jpg 20190919_011520.jpg 20190919_011525.jpg


i prioritized on this better looking bottle. put it into 3 bottles. including the one with the eggshells. pictured it with flash and without flash.


20190919_013429.jpg 20190919_013509.jpg 20190919_014047.jpg


placed the better looking bottle into these 3  bottles. i have pictured them for reference.


20190919_013535.jpg 20190919_013558.jpg 20190919_013603.jpg


this is the iffy bottle. it has different colors of white. making me believe there are two types of mycelium inside.




i placed a sample of the iffy bottle in here. i will throw the grain G2 jar if it has another type of mushroom in it



20190919_015105.jpg 20190919_015116.jpg 20190919_015122.jpg 20190919_015127.jpg 20190919_015133.jpg


i placed the iffy grain bottle in the ref. it is also now labeled as "iffy" in addition to the date. there is also a spawn jar marked "iffy".


thanks for reading.


yes i am wearing a mask. it is my SOP now.

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