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#441 shiftingshadows



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Posted 04 December 2021 - 01:21 PM

yes  is fast & more reasonable prices than many. Too early to comment on results. Carries the strain recommended by Gordo.

#442 shiftingshadows



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Posted 09 December 2021 - 09:20 AM



Thanks for the heads up on Ralphsters. I was going to order from sporeworks but felt upset, when they sent a an itemized copy of my order to me in an email ( which I consider to be very Insecure), & so did no complete it. Maybe I shouldn't worry?

Call me paranoid but I only use secure email when ordering spores. E. G. Proton mail.


I use Protonmail sometimes, too.
So I was not real thrilled to read this:

Switzerland-based email provider ProtonMail said it was forced to log the IP address of one of its customers after it received a legally binding order from the Swiss government that it couldn’t legally appeal or decline.


Well in that case it's a good thing the person of interest used TOR or a VPN to access their email, right? No? Oops...


Oh, and Proton also has a free VPN that works well as far as I can tell, but maybe don't use that one to access Protonmail if you're worried about a potential Court order.



“Under Swiss law, it is also obligatory for the suspect to be notified that their data was requested, which is not the case in most countries,” he added.
However, the ProtonMail CEO said that an accompanying gag order also prevented the company from disclosing this incident to the user while the investigation was underway.
On the other hand, Yen also highlighted that despite the fact that they were forced to comply with Swiss law, the Swiss legal system is far more robust than the legal systems of other countries.
“The Swiss legal system, while not perfect, does provide a number of checks and balances, and it’s worth noting that even in this case, approval from 3 authorities in 2 countries was required, and that’s a fairly high bar which prevents most (but obviously not all) abuse of the system. […] Finally, Switzerland generally will not assist prosecutions from countries without fair justice systems,” the ProtonMail CEO added.
Yen said ProtonMail encryption was not bypassed in the investigation.



I'm still using it, and it's still probably the best free option available and IMO anyone who does should be aware of this even if it's extremely unlikely to be an issue if you're not a big-time criminal. Or tangible threat to the status quo, I guess (which we should all strive to be, but I digress).



Thanks TV, seems to work. Nice to have an email site where I don't get tons of spam and probably has some degree of better privacy, that's good enough, considering nothing nefarious is being communicated.

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