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new fruiting chamber

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#1 joeya



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Posted 11 July 2019 - 05:25 PM

I just finished converting an empty chlorine bucket into a low maintenance fruiting chamber. The silicone is still drying and the cakes which will ride it through the beta test are soaking overnight. 

First, I cutout the center of the lid and replaced it with a circle of plexiglass. After gluing (solvent welding) the plexiglass in place, I sealed both sides and a couple of holes in the lid with silicone.



Then, I spray painted the inside of the bucket black. I drilled out two sets of five holes in a line, just over two inches above the bottom.  I drilled another hole and ran a piece of aquarium air tubing through it, with an air stone on the end. A piece of duct tape holds the tubing to the bottom to keep the stone where I want it. I then sealed both sides of the air hose pass-thru with silicone.


I also put two strips of Tyvek over the two lines of air holes on the bottom and attached them with silicone sealant. 




I'm anticipating I can fit 5 PF cakes, or two takeout style trays in this at one time. Most likely, there will be a few tweaks with silicone to get it to where I want it. My goal is for the airstone to relieve me of manually fanning my choke chamber, while also keeping slight positive air pressure inside the chamber, pushing carbon dioxide out the holes covered with Tyvek. The clear cover is to provide a view port for me to monitor and also to allow light into the chamber to direct the growth. The reason for painting the inside black is also to encourage upward growth. These buckets are white, which may reflect enough light that the mushrooms grow toward the walls instead of upright. 


Tomorrow morning, I'll put perlite and water into it, plug the airhose into my pump, and place some cakes in it for it's shakedown grow!

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#2 joeya



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Posted 12 July 2019 - 12:47 PM

I put the first run in the chamber just now, I'm starting with only one cake of Malabar Coast, at least for the first day, just to see how it works. As soon as the cover went on, condensation formed on the plexiglass, so I feel good about humidity, now it just remains to be seen if the FAE is sufficient. 



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