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Trip Report (9 pairs of cubensis)

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#1 Moonless



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Posted 11 July 2019 - 07:35 PM

Tonight I took 7 pairs of mushrooms paired with a large cup of unsweetened coco with a dash of cayenne. Once I had taken the mushrooms  I was in a special place. Picking up on a divine frequency I had met once before. I basked in the love of this vibration staring at the candle through the night. At first I could feel every pain in my body, my back ached, my shoulders are all fucked up, and my neck was tight. Then as the 20 minute point passed I was told to take more, I took two more pairs. I returned to the alter and waited. Now I was fully in it, I was where I needed to be.


After awhile, I got up and left the alter to lay on my couch. There I met some Mantis being of love. But I felt they were aliens who abducted people. I thought it rude to abduct people however I have no other quarrels with them.


I went upstairs and the dream I was in got just a little bit darker. The candle glowed with ancient knowledge only available to those who wish to listen to it, to receive it it takes practice. I then laid on the bed and knew it was time to surrender that which doesn't serve me. I hacked, spat, and squealed, my dog was in the room at the time but he was totally chillin. Whilst I lay on my back I felt a sensation like a snake was crawling on me, the snake was on my neck, slightly tightly but I could still breath and I focused on my breath. As I get up to go use the toilet to spit in I felt that I was throwing out some psychic stuff, as if my spit and waste from the body was a way of disposing of mental darkness.


I go to sit down and feel myself sweating, I felt slimy. goop gop was my sweat.


The final part of the trip went like this:

I really wanted to smoke. I decided I didn't want to smoke weed instead I would smoke Mugwort. I tried to roll but I couldn't for the life of me. Then I look around for a pipe. As I do my new house mate comes home, the door is open and we greet. I ask if I could borrow her pipe, she doesn't have one and instead says I should skip it and go to bed. I reply that it just isn't one of those nights I cant fall asleep now. She say good luck and I say goodbye. As she returns to her room and the door closes I felt as if I had done something terrible and exposed myself. She went into the shower and I was afraid she was calling the cops. All I could do is return to the alter and pray. Pray for a second chance that I could be spared.


I pleaded for my life as a free man. I was terrified I blew my cover. I feared my family being taken from me. I felt I had bragged too much, talked about mushrooms too much. I felt I had wasted my life, I only have one shot at this life and I had blown it before it ever really started.


I am young, I aspire to have a family. I aspire to marry my current partner. I want to spread love and life to the world. I want to lear the knowledge and share with my culture. I wrote:

I can be a better husband.

I can be a better person.

I can be a better roommate

I can be of assistance to those who need it

Please please let me live my life

I can be better


At a certain point i realized I was gonna be ok. I messaged a friend and asked her about the roommate. She said that I was gonna be alright, that this roommate had been with her whilst she tripped. I am very thankful that this friend was there.


I ran a bath and put epsom salt Lavender flavor in. I eased up and turned the lights off and went to bed. I couldn't sleep well that night. I ingested at 9PM and could finally sleep with some assistance or red wine and sleepy tea around 4AM.


I went to work the next day and wrote this out.


I am so grateful for these connections I've made here on Mycotopia. To those who have helped me on my journey I am grateful and I love you.


With light,



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#2 TabbyBoy



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Posted 11 July 2019 - 07:41 PM

Very inspiring. I've had similar experiences of praying and praying for the safety and well being of me and the ones around me due to paranoia. I'm glad you had the people around you that you did.
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#3 DonShadow



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Posted 11 July 2019 - 11:38 PM

Thanks for the write-up Moonless, and way to power through the chaos. It can be so convincing for me sometimes, but then in an instant the revelations and madcap laughs descend. I love mushrooms.

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Posted 12 July 2019 - 01:43 AM

That was beautiful my friend. Do you realize that this tends to be the process of a good mushroom trip? At least it is for me. I ALWAYS beat myself into submission when I trip on mushrooms. I agonize over everything in my life I could be doing better by, and everything I have done wrong in the last few years, and even longer lol. The mushrooms are our teachers and mentors, and they start by telling us what we have done wrong. Then they treat us with love and beauty and make it all better to reinforce those lessons. Trips like you had always have the very best effect on me over time, and those trips have changed my life and made me a better person than I used to be. Well done indeed. Thank you for the awesome write up as well...

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Posted 13 July 2019 - 01:49 PM

Talking about shrooms really turns some people off, not to mention that among us it seems we have a variety of procedures and language to accompany the work we do with the mushrooms. Therefore I vowed to disguise my speech when it comes to talking about mushrooms. Like an Alchemist I must hide the true meaning of my words, for if I say it outright it will be lost between us. However if I hide my intentions in my words, then the initiated and intelligent in this regard will know what I mean, while the others can put me off as talking about something entirely different.


I want to push less, Carl Jung said "When we talk we have each other in our grasp" so to push less is to loosen the grip I put unto others.


I protect myself by hiding my grow efforts from those I live with. I also hide my practice from any I do not trust, and I trust few. I use VPN in fear of being hunted down by cops who don't know what they're doing.



I have had two mushrooms trips like this. Although I have done the Velada for half a year now, I only took the call to do higher dose Veladas recently. The first time I was tuned to receive a divine frequency. It was that trip where I knew that I wanted to marry my current partner, we'll see how that goes. Although I do at times take myself apart and know I can be doing better, in the end it is the large motivation from returning from the spirit world into my body that pushes me forward.


Coop and all, I invite you to see what it is about these great trips which spark the dialectic for change which allows us to break our previous ruts.

#6 Misfit



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Posted 14 July 2019 - 09:18 AM

Awesome post

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