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Any Favorite alternatives to P. Cubensis?

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#1 deepblueseawhale



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Posted 20 July 2019 - 04:31 AM

Those of you who have experience with sacred mushrooms beyond P. Cubensis, which one's do you prefer and why?

For me, cubes have become too dark and uncontrollable as of late, so I've got my hands onto some Copelandia cyanescens, expecting a more clear and tranquil experience. Unfortunately I turned out to me the worst mushroom experience of my life, sending me straight to Hell realms of depth and suffering way beyond anything I ever experienced. Cubs seemed like a walk in the park in comparison.

So, I'm now exploring various other possibilities. I'm drawn mostly to P. Mexicana and P. hoogshagenii and other shamanically well veneered mushrooms.

Would love to hear from you guys as to which type of mushroom you find most beneficial for you and why.

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#2 Foster



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Posted 20 July 2019 - 05:10 PM

Ahhh yeah, Pans/copes were so overpowering. And speedy for me as well. None of my friends I've shared them with ever wanted anymore. I like how clean they are, no body load, but damn.. powerful stuff. Anxiety and even at times physical pain inducing at less than 2 dry g.  Small tiny doses are a bit more pleasurable, State of mind and other factors mulltilpy the effects its seems with these tremendously. Also gave me a headache at the higher dose..


Psilo Cyans are for me the happy medium. Super potent but without the blast off feeling of pans. Just an all around smooth feel, with less body load than cubes as well. Intense but manageable.  I believe they helped my mental well being, and overall outlook for a good many months following each use. Also kept small amounts handy for migraines. Not enough to trip, just enough to feel it ,and it worked for me most times if taken at onset.

Even my wife noticed a week or so later, I seemed  happier, less anxious and on edge at a moments notice. 


I've yet to experience others except stones/mexicana. and they were old. Not much i can really tell about them. 


Sorry to hear about your pan experience. Wrote up my own here too .It was.. something.

Sound at all familiar?   For your sake I hope not.   Not that I didnt enjoy pans many more times after that. just smaller amounts and other varieties.

One day hope to get some new exotic prints.   

 all my best.

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Posted 29 July 2019 - 09:06 AM

Wow, I am sorry you had difficult experiences with Copelandia.  It is completely the opposite for me but I've heard that the copelandia experience will vary widely depending on the genetics of the mushroom and the person.
I will share my recent experience with Copelandia.  I ate approximately 15-20g mostly wet last night(some of it was half dry so I'm guessing it was roughly equivalent to 2g dry) I put it in cold water with some lemon and drank and chewed them up.  Visuals started within 15 mins and it was by far the most amazing experience I've ever had on mushrooms.  Honestly, it felt like a 2 hour DMT trip there was no anxiety and the open eyed visuals on the come up were intense and the paintings on my wall literally disintegrated and I was enveloped by a pixelated fog.  It became pointless to keep my eyes open and I went into a trance like state of sheer elation with very vivid closed eye visuals with dancing jesters and rabbits and digital numbers and symbols and the mushrooms completely took over.   I felt like the mushrooms were communicating with me and revealing ancient knowledge which became a spiritual experience.  I was overcome by very positive thoughts about purpose and utilizing this incredible power to help others who have suffered from PTSD like myself.  
I specifically sought out this particular mushroom and found it in the wild in Cambodia in order to try and heal myself.  I have been doing micro .3-.5 dry doses periodically which was highly beneficial to me and it has also helped my brother a lot.  In lower doses I experience a dream like state of lucid euphoria and retain my command of language and poise.  In smaller amounts it is also easy to be in social situations and feel completely comfortable.  I mainly take micro doses b/c of the benefits I receive in the days that follow including a greater sense of empathy, lowered anxiety, less binge drinking, nicotine use and overeating.  
Last night when I ventured in deeper and started to feel elated and proud of myself for finding this amazing tool in the wild and learning to cultivate it.  As the mushroom took over my consciousness it seemed to communicate with me and remind me that it found me and that I am merely a custodian with a responsibility to use its power for positive purposes.  It sounds crazy but that is what I experienced and I'm very grateful to receive those messages.  It was incredibly moving and I have felt great all day.
I don't know how to compare any of the woodlovers but I do have some recent experience with APE and GT which I don't enjoy nearly as much.  I ate 1g of APE in June and it was very strong in terms of visuals and it lasted forever but I had anxiety and I was never completely comfortable.  It lasted really long and I was tempted to tap out and take a benzo but I rode it out.  It was good open eyed visuals but I didn't feel totally comfortable and there was nothing particularly profound about it.  Perhaps it would have been different if I ate 2g but I didn't have the desire b/c of the anxiety.
My 2 cents about Copelandia.  Attaching some photos of my most recent grow.  
Copelandia - tub July
Copelandia - 24g dose

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#4 TVCasualty


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Posted 29 July 2019 - 10:12 AM

I prefer all of them over cubensis.
Waylitjim once posted this comparison between cubes and pan cyans, which I fully agree with:

cyans are like a limousine &
cubs are like a taxi cab

They'll both get you where you need to go,
it's just a matter of how you like to ride. ;)

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