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How Amazon is Taking Over Idiot's Houses

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Posted 03 August 2019 - 02:44 PM

I'm paraphrasing the title of a disturbing article about Amazon:


With the deals, Amazon has taken a pioneering lead in what has come to be called "surveillance capitalism," which includes some of the biggest businesses of the future, like 5G, autonomous vehicles and smart cities. Now, the behemoth, with its edge in this new economy, is positioned to explode its revenue.


"Amazon has entered the surveillance capitalism domain with a very big bang," says Shoshana Zuboff, author of "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism." "Once you have this as your lens, and you look at Amazon, you will never look back."

  • The company has "already got all of this behavioral data flowing every which way," she says. "Now they're thinking, 'We can be a Google or a Facebook on top of what we’ve already got. Not only do we know what they know, but we know stuff that they don’t know. We don’t have to infer that you’re interested in a white T-shirt with a big rose on the chest. We actually know because you bought one.'"
  • Other tech giants aren't "even in the same universe as Amazon," says Amy Webb, founder of the Future Today Institute. "We're talking about an entirely new ecosystem that is literally being born in front of our eyes."

What's happening: Amazon's newest offering, a deal announced last week with Realogy, connects homebuyers to real estate agents and gives them $5,000 in smart devices and services when they close the deal. The huge upside for Amazon is unchecked access to the data-rich interiors of our homes.

  • On paper, Amazon is giving out cool stuff for free. But the company is also getting "extremely inexpensive access to record some of the most intimate parts of your life," says Meredith Whittaker, co-founder of the AI Now Institute.
  • "There are hundreds of millions of marketing dollars that go into presenting these as sleek, convenience devices, but smart home is a misnomer. We’re really talking about a surveillance home" that feeds tech firms data that is far more personal and valuable than what is garnered from an Instagram like or an online purchase.



But wait! There's more!



  • It partnered with Lennar, the country's largest homebuilder to put up houses that have internet "built into the walls and floors," making them the perfect shells for smart devices from Alexa to Ring, reports CNBC. And these homes aren't just for the rich. There are affordable versions being propped up in blue-collar neighborhoods. too, Webb says.
  • Amazon has also invested in Plant Prefab, a startup which constructs smart houses.

The result, per Webb, is "Amazon in literally every nook and cranny of our home because either it built us the home, or it has got devices in the home, or it helped sell us the home."

  • This plays into Amazon's hands because consumers are increasingly likely to buy into one stack of devices instead of a patchwork, says Wright. "There's less friction, and the further you get into the Amazon ecosystem, the less likely you are to switch over to Google or Samsung or another competitor."



Awesome! Now you won't have to opt-in since this crap is going to be pre-installed in new houses!


But keep waiting, because there's even more...


  • For example, emails obtained by Vice revealed that Amazon has teamed up with over 200 U.S. police departments in a partnership that — with owners' consent — lets officers see which homes have Amazon's video doorbell, Ring, and request footage from the owners of those devices. "Police do not need a warrant to ask for footage," writes Vice's Caroline Haskins.
  • Look for the company's advertising business to keep pushing up against that of Google or Facebook as it gets smarter about predicting human behavior, says Zuboff. Amazon could also use the data it collects from conversations and movements inside customers' houses to entice them to spend more money on its site by getting better at figuring out what they want to buy
  • On top of that, the company is wading into selling health insurance. Surveillance could theoretically reveal if a prospective insurance buyer has a pre-existing condition or mental health issues.


Gosh, they're going to sell health insurance too! That's great since they can offer us helpful suggestions through their connected devices that will no doubt keep our premiums low: "Hello TV, this is Alexa. Are you sure you want to have that second piece of cake? I can see that you're considering it, but according to my calculations it would not be the healthiest option for you at this time and may result in an increase in your insurance premium..."


So to hell with all that, you think, and go outside and sit on your front porch. Where you are watched by any halfway-decent hacker interested in your neighborhood as well as the local police because most or all of your neighbors are fucking idiots who sell out cheap: Amazon Ring: Police tie-up criticised by anti-surveillance campaigners


Axios (a decent news site as far as I can tell) has a very interesting series about the new economy of "Surveillance Capitalism" that's emerging all around us while most of us don't seem to notice or care:



I'm baffled as to why so many otherwise sane and rational adults buy into this utter lunacy, but here we are. I've gone back to researching hand-held high-power IR lasers again, but that's just a coincidence since it would be very rude to fry the CCD in someone's doorbell-cam just because it stares at my home 24/7...

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Posted 03 August 2019 - 04:00 PM

Oh for fuck's sake.


This was posted just today:

[Direct Link]


And here I used to think that one day everyone would be born, grow up, get educated, work a career, and ultimately die (and be recycled) entirely within a Wal-Mart MegaSuperGigaStore. Like The Truman Show, but with more smiley faces, less space, and stinkier air.


I was wrong. Our kids are going to be doing all of that in an Amazon Warehouse. It will eventually consume Wal-Mart and absorb it into itself, like a cultural amoeba (or cultural amoebic dysentery, as it were).


Which makes me wonder why the hell Amazon needs to get into making cars, too.



Incidentally, Scotty Kilmer's channel is well-worth browsing if you own a vehice and want to keep it running for as long as possible. I hope he moves on over to BitChute if Joerg can't fix Screwtube.

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