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Never have been high, stoned, or anything of the sorts

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Posted 04 August 2019 - 11:46 PM

Hey all,


Today I took my first microdose. Unfortunately it's effects were negligible. I would like a little feedback as to what was potentially preventing me from my overall experience (if you can even call microdosing an "experience"?). For starters, I have never ventured outside the realms of alcohol and tobacco, not marijuana, not anything. I tried to keep a very open, yet objective mind. Perhaps I was expecting too much? I am 6'3 320lbs, yes I'm a big guy and should lose weight, my intention is to start working on that this week LOL.


Anyways, I got connected with a very reputable source and got my hands on 3gs of dried mushrooms, ground down and put into capsules, each capsule is ranging from 0.19g to 0.22g. Below is a timeline of events from today:


4:05 pm - I ingested one capsule (0.2g) and began working (I play poker professionally, today I played online and not at the casino). 


5:00 pm - Messaged my buddy that there was absolutely no difference from how I had felt prior to taking the capsule (minus a slight bit of residual anxiety). He told me to wait another 30 minutes before trying a second capsule.


5:40 pm - Ingested a second capsule 


6:45 pm - Still no noticeable change, I felt slightly drowsy likely due to the fact that I stayed up late driving and didn't get a full night's rest.


7:00 pm - I ingested a third capsule.


7:45 pm - Felt slightly more giddy and chipper than normal, although it was ever so slight (maybe equivalent to drinking a beer on an empty stomach). This could definitely of been some sort of placebo effect.


11:45 pm - NOW....really haven't felt anything. I have a slight headache on my right temple but other than that there has been almost no difference in my overall productivity/focus/vibe than me feeling a bit more giddy around 7:45pm before dinner. I say "a bit more giddy", it was very slight and potentially not even worth noting. 


Is 0.6g over 3 hours too low of a dose for a guy my size? Should I try 0.8-1g later on this week for my second dosage, would 0.6g be better to ingest all at once? Any tips would be greatly appreciated


Thanks for allowing me into your community!


PS I have been taking Lion's Mane for the past 3 days before this. 

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Posted 05 August 2019 - 08:08 PM

They call it "Micro" for a reason. What were you expecting? If you wanted an altered state of mind or a mind blowing experience you should have ate it all. The idea to microdosing is taking the medicine along with some goals that you want to change something over a long period. It is  suppose to be "Sub-perceptual" and is not something that you expect instant results. Mushroom can be uncomfortable after the perceptible dose but under a threshold dose. Folks often say it feel like anxiety. All in all microdosing is not a magic pill that cures all in a single Sub-perceptual dose.

Oh yeah i almost forgot, SSRI's will contradict the effects of the psiloybes as the active will contradict the SSRI's.

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Posted 06 August 2019 - 04:04 AM

Ya, I am not on any type of SSRI. I guess I was under the interpretation that I would of at least noticed a difference between taking a dosage and not taking a dosage, there was absolutely zero difference. Definitely wasn't looking for an altered state of mind or mind-blowing experience but rather under the assumption of small noticeable effects in the short term as well as the positive effects in the long term.

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Posted 06 August 2019 - 12:29 PM

Hi Phat.  To start with, alcohol is a powerful mind altering drug.  But as we probably already know, there are alterations and there are alterations.  The mind has a nearly infinite possible ways to go, and some are not particularly positive directions.   Tobacco is a strong body altering drug, and one with perhaps the fastest tolerance and addictive qualities.  So, you just haven't done certain drugs. 


Square one: (And this can be a hard one) Don't expect anything.   Try to see yourself as an explorer/adventurer, going into an unexplored continent.  You have the whole of what is needed and are safe.  You are there to see what is there.   If anything is frightening, just see what it is that has the fright.  When the fright is past, you will see you are still here. 


Remember, set and setting.  These are external and internal.  Any expectations will be your internal set and setting.  These are what can be explored.  So, if you ever do go bigger than micro-dosing, be as sure as you can about the external sets and settings.  You will need these to be secured for some hours, and this you can maximize as best you can. 


We here don't know much about your life and attitudes yet, so I only assume losing some weight is not the whole of your endeavors.  There can be a lot to gain from doing personal explorations. 


BTW, it is my understanding that the micro-doses come at intervals of around five days, not hours. 


Anyway, welcome to Mycotopia.  

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