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Monotub growlog(PE)

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#1 DustStorm



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Posted 07 August 2019 - 08:51 PM

Hey all,


I kept looking for the right place to post a grow log that'll receive some traffic, and Deep Knowledge doesn't allow me to post,so hopefully this is a good place to post. Sorry if it isn't, please notify me or just delete this thread if it breaks any rules, and understand that I'm new here and I'm just attempting to contribute, or at least give some feedback from my experience.


Also I'm not really good at staying focused on newer things, so I might not be able to entirely explain things throughout this thread, please point out any misunderstandings so that I could fix em.


Also I'm sorry if the images are flipped or hard to see.



DustStorm's Grow-a-long



So I started on Aug 2nd, followed damion's 50/50 tek, sometimes I will change the substrate recipe to a 40% coir, 60% verm mix, and sometimes even just grains and verm for in-jar grows. The ingredients I use are::prep materials for substrate.jpg

~1 block(650g) coco coir

~2 quart jars fine vermiculite

~4 quart jars water

~1 tbsp bleach

Soon I'm gonna experiment with food grade diatomaceous earth mixed in, to help retain water in the sub and scare insects away and off the top. I might also add gypsum, lime, drywall, something to improve the alkalinity in my grains, but I haven't seen a need for it yet.


For my go-to grow plan, I chose the 50/50 tek, but I add a tbsp of bleach to the substrate before I add the boiling water. I don't mix it until after it cools down now. Afterwards mixing the sub,I put a trash bag over the bucket, and just let it heat and hydrate. I feel as though the hot water and bleach both help pasteurize the substrate to an appropriate level for me.


I take between 3-6 spawn jars, usually just 5 for each of my mixes, then I crumble the spawn into a lined, cleaned tub, mix about 75% of the 50/50 with all of the jars at once within the tub, then I use the leftover 50/50 as a casing top layer

heating water 10mins past boiling.jpg mixed substrate in bucket.jpg pasteurizing substrate with bag covering.jpg breaking up spawn for inoculating.jpg


Sometimes I screw up and crack the substrate's mass while trying to handle it, but it never became a problem with growth or anything.cracked surface by mishandling.jpg


After that, I just close the lid on the tub, put some tape over the top to push it down, stuff the 6 holes with poly-fill(someone told me about masking tape, and now I use that to cover halves or parts of the holes along with the poly-fill), then I add a seal on the top and put it somewhere like a shelf to colonize..I'm currently doing about 8 tubs of Penis Envy that I had on hand and was G2G'ing jars for..some tubs colonizing.jpg


Anyways, here's to luck for my tubs! I see humidity lines within the tubs, mycelium is poking through the first tub's casing layer already(spawned on the 2nd of aug), and I have no reason to believe I'll lose too many, if any of the tubs from contams, but time will tell. I'll discuss more later on, post more pictures for updates. Idk what else to say at this point, I'm still a newbie to this forum.


Thanks for reading.

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Posted 12 August 2019 - 08:16 AM

Update, the 8th tub I spawned didn't fully colonize the surface yet(only 6 days since spawn), but it looks like it's near 70% completenot fully colonized.jpg


I'm preparing the casing for each tub, and I added 10% of food grade DE to 4 of the pint casing jars, now I just need to PC them, let them cool down, then spread it across the surfaces.casing and DE.jpg


I'll be back to show the tubs after I sterilize the casing jars. I might let some tubs wait a bit longer than others to consolidate, but some of my tubs look ready for casing and fruiting.

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Posted 24 August 2019 - 05:13 PM

Okay, sorry about the long time for this update, but it's been 12 days since tons of things happened that not only resulted in my computer breaking, but fungus gnats attempting to colonize within my monotubs, so let me give you the chronological order


After Aug 12th:


~Heat wave hit, computer started kernel panic, cpu, ram and mobo overheated and short circuited somewhere, pictures of the tubs from the 13th - 17th are still on a hdd and I can't transfer them right now


~Heat brought gnats, lady bugs, and some long nosed nasties into the monotub room, and a gnat came out of one of the tubs


~I applied a verm casing of 1/2 pint on top of each tub, with four only having plain sterilized verm, and the other four having about 2tbsp of diatomaceous earth mixed in and sterlized.


~I applied the DE/verm casing to four tubs, and the regular verm casing to the other four


~Also made beer traps with extra bakery yeast mixed in, a bit of sugar, and the fungus gnats have disappeared and don't appear within the tubs if sprayed or opened anymore... at least for now.


~I had to keep four of some of the tubs in consolidation for three days longer because of the lack of full top layer colonization, but they're doing kinda fine now.


~Two tubs didn't pin by today(Aug 24th), so they're still cased, pinning triggers were tried and now some primordial is growing in certain spots, but I'm going to limit FAE and moisture control until the final two tubs show more pinning. I'll get a good picture of them soon.


Also, here are the pictures of six tubs, three of them with DE, three without:

Pe Tub 1 De And verm
Pe Tub 2 De And verm
Pe Tub 3 De And verm
Pe Tub 4 verm only
Pe Tub 5 verm only
Pe Tub 6 verm only

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Posted 24 August 2019 - 06:28 PM

Looking good, I just got my tubs of penis envy set up on the 20th. Can't wait to get them fruiting!
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#5 DustStorm



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Posted 24 August 2019 - 08:09 PM

Looking good, I just got my tubs of penis envy set up on the 20th. Can't wait to get them fruiting!

Since the heatwave's over, I bet you'll have less problems with fruit flies or gnats than I did. Good luck!

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Posted 26 August 2019 - 03:56 PM

DEVerm Tub 1
DEVerm Tub 2
DEVerm Tub 3
DEVerm Tub 4
Alright then, Damion's 50/50 tek, WBS grain spawn, 64qt sterilite 6-hole monotub. Supposedly the spore was Penis Envy, and before I did this I had a gnat infestation.
4 of them with DE and verm casing, and 4 with regular verm casing.
the 4 above were all of the tubs that had DE mixed with the casing, and I guess it helped to "fluff" the casing up and make it retain and evaporate water more effectively.
Also I dusted it a few times and misted them, but I put the DE through a coffee grinder and kinda just blew it directly into one of the holes of the tubs, making a smoke cloud of sorts.
Also, referring to a topic I made before, I guess I won't be trying to use a vacuum cleaner and yanking up my subs surface. I just made it uninhabitable for things with conventional lungs or thin skin to live in the tubs for too long,


Time for me to give my friends a little haircut. EDIT: Actually maybe not, I might let them grow a bit more. This is first time I tried PE, and idk what the stipe looks like, because non of them are even showing stipes now that I look at them.

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Posted 27 August 2019 - 08:09 AM

Harvested PE
PC Box with Net
ghetto Fan dehydrator
Alright, first flush has been harvested and is dehydrating now. I just cut them away and pulled them off the surface, left a few stumps and such.
Idk what this weighs out at, I'll have a scale by tomorrow.
EDIT: third pic is upside down lmao, sorry. Also those LED string lights are my source of ambient light. It's easy to position, reposition and such, but it's not the right light color, it should have been more blue. I've been getting by with it though, and it saves more electricity than cfl or led bulbs.

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Posted 28 August 2019 - 02:46 PM

So here's how all of the tubs are doing one day after I harvested them:

probably 1 Of 8 tubs PE
probably 2 Of 8 tubs PE
probably 3 Of 8 tubs PE
probably 4 Of 8 tubs PE
probably 5 Of 8 tubs PE
probably 6 Of 8 tubs PE
probably 7 Of 8 tubs PE
probably 8 Of 8 tubs PE


And here's the first harvested part, one day during it's air dry. It weighed out to about ~235g. That's nice, coming just from 5 - 6 tubs, since the other two didn't fully colonize yet. Not a lot, but it's enough for my needs so far.

Almost dried

I can try to make some crystals soon. That's what I've mainly been aiming for :meditate: :victorious: :meditate:

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#9 deeezy



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Posted 29 August 2019 - 04:01 PM

That is some really nice harvest that you came out with.  Props mate.

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#10 DustStorm



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Posted 30 August 2019 - 05:49 PM

Alright, here's the rest of the first flush, and the tubs after harvesting.

harvested PE Tub 1 Of 8
harvested PE Tub 2 Of 8.
harvested PE Tub 3 Of 8.
harvested PE Tub 4 Of 8.
harvested PE Tub 5 Of 8.
harvested PE Tub 6 Of 8.
harvested PE Tub 7 Of 8.
harvested PE Tub 8 Of 8.
fresh PE harvest
another drying cycle

I forgot to take some pics of how the tubs looked before I harvested them, but they haven't changed much. The rest just got bigger.


I'll weigh it out after they air dry, but it seems to be about 3/4 of what I had from the first time.

#11 MsBehavin420



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Posted 02 October 2019 - 07:21 PM

Being your caps are blue on some do you think that you might need more moisture?

#12 DustStorm



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Posted 15 October 2019 - 01:48 PM

Being your caps are blue on some do you think that you might need more moisture?

Sorry this is so late, i've already finished all 8 of those tubs with 7 - 8 flushes between them, about 1041g dried in total.

But to answer your question yeah I actually misted them too much, and the mist was directly hitting the pins and bruising them. I started ro increase the delays between misting to help them pin more, and so it atarted to dry out at the end, and a fruit i thought was just an abort turned out to be covered with trich, suggesting i left it to grow for too long/i missed cutting it with the other aborts.

I'll post the pictures of how the tub went during the large pause I had between posting here.

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Posted 16 October 2019 - 05:20 PM

Okay so this is basically the end of this grow a long post, I've already discarded or composted the tubs due to old age/nutrient loss or contamination/bacterial build up.


The final dry weight was approximately 1041g, probably because I started to neglect watering and opening the lids enough to stop the co2 from building up.


But at least they pinned multiple times due to said high co2 levels. And they started to look ugly(but not ugly enough to toss lmao) and get fuzzy stems all the way up.

Heavy flush 1

Heavy flush 2



So I started on Aug 7th, and harvested the final flush(the one where I found the contaminated fruit), and decided that they were all going to go bad soon anyway. I ended it on Sept 16th.

Tubs started To contam
Fruit that started The trich contam

Throughout this experiment of maintaining multiple bulk tubs at once, I learned how hectic it can all be to make the jars myself and the tubs, and adhere to proper sterile technique, so I developed a few methods to help improve my quality of life for future grows.


So someone on here had helped me out with figuring out how to control the fungus gnats that I was suffering from, Seeker2be, and it was relatively simple from my point of view, I just never considered using masking tape as a fly strip INSIDE of the tub, but it didn't really effect the growth or anything, just trapped those buggers and showed me how intense the infestation was. So I thank you entirely for that advice, friend. I also used scented fly traps, then just put some fruit scent on the sticky side of masking tape myself.


I built of that advice, and I was looking for chemical treatments to mix in with my substrates in the future, for example neem oil in super low doses, but instead I figured out another way to force the gnats to come in contact with toxic chemicals.


Smoking. I first started just blowing cigarette smoke onto some beer traps that I had stacked around the room at first, and the bugs would stop going to those beer traps.


Then I blew smoke through a tubs hole, and the bugs seemed irritated. Next day, nothing flew out so they must have evacuated. No signs of eggs, so I would schedule smoke fumigation, like one blow into a tub every 2 or 3 days, but it seemed like only 1 or 2 fumigation were really needed.


Yeah it's unhealthy, but it actually killed the gnats, made them actively avoid the surface of the tubs that was exposed to the smoke, and any larvae that was around had disappeared. I personally don't know what the long term effects of second hand smoke is to the mycelium, but it didn't seem to effect the potency of the fruits or anything, but it might have increased the co2 levels a bit more. I would fumigate the tub, and then sprayed mist down into the smoke, to create a cloud effect that showed a great improvement on keeping the tubs humidity levels stable.


But I personally feel as though it's not organic, or something like that. I may have just judged it too harshly, it could be beneficial since it stopped the bugs from infesting my tubs. But it put my health at risk, and I'm pretty sure the mycelium will pull the chemicals from the nicotine into itself, and the fruits, the same way that water and bacteria move around within mycelial cells.


If anyone else wants to try tobacco fumigation, I'd suggest you NOT smoke the cigarettes but rather use something like a beehive smoker to burn the tobacco and puff it into the tubs or growing containers/terrariums.

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