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Monotub growlog(PE)

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Posted 07 August 2019 - 08:51 PM

Hey all,


I kept looking for the right place to post a grow log that'll receive some traffic, and Deep Knowledge doesn't allow me to post,so hopefully this is a good place to post. Sorry if it isn't, please notify me or just delete this thread if it breaks any rules, and understand that I'm new here and I'm just attempting to contribute, or at least give some feedback from my experience.


Also I'm not really good at staying focused on newer things, so I might not be able to entirely explain things throughout this thread, please point out any misunderstandings so that I could fix em.


Also I'm sorry if the images are flipped or hard to see.



DustStorm's Grow-a-long



So I started on Aug 2nd, followed damion's 50/50 tek, sometimes I will change the substrate recipe to a 40% coir, 60% verm mix, and sometimes even just grains and verm for in-jar grows. The ingredients I use are::prep materials for substrate.jpg

~1 block(650g) coco coir

~2 quart jars fine vermiculite

~4 quart jars water

~1 tbsp bleach

Soon I'm gonna experiment with food grade diatomaceous earth mixed in, to help retain water in the sub and scare insects away and off the top. I might also add gypsum, lime, drywall, something to improve the alkalinity in my grains, but I haven't seen a need for it yet.


For my go-to grow plan, I chose the 50/50 tek, but I add a tbsp of bleach to the substrate before I add the boiling water. I don't mix it until after it cools down now. Afterwards mixing the sub,I put a trash bag over the bucket, and just let it heat and hydrate. I feel as though the hot water and bleach both help pasteurize the substrate to an appropriate level for me.


I take between 3-6 spawn jars, usually just 5 for each of my mixes, then I crumble the spawn into a lined, cleaned tub, mix about 75% of the 50/50 with all of the jars at once within the tub, then I use the leftover 50/50 as a casing top layer

heating water 10mins past boiling.jpg mixed substrate in bucket.jpg pasteurizing substrate with bag covering.jpg breaking up spawn for inoculating.jpg


Sometimes I screw up and crack the substrate's mass while trying to handle it, but it never became a problem with growth or anything.cracked surface by mishandling.jpg


After that, I just close the lid on the tub, put some tape over the top to push it down, stuff the 6 holes with poly-fill(someone told me about masking tape, and now I use that to cover halves or parts of the holes along with the poly-fill), then I add a seal on the top and put it somewhere like a shelf to colonize..I'm currently doing about 8 tubs of Penis Envy that I had on hand and was G2G'ing jars for..some tubs colonizing.jpg


Anyways, here's to luck for my tubs! I see humidity lines within the tubs, mycelium is poking through the first tub's casing layer already(spawned on the 2nd of aug), and I have no reason to believe I'll lose too many, if any of the tubs from contams, but time will tell. I'll discuss more later on, post more pictures for updates. Idk what else to say at this point, I'm still a newbie to this forum.


Thanks for reading.

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Posted 12 August 2019 - 08:16 AM

Update, the 8th tub I spawned didn't fully colonize the surface yet(only 6 days since spawn), but it looks like it's near 70% completenot fully colonized.jpg


I'm preparing the casing for each tub, and I added 10% of food grade DE to 4 of the pint casing jars, now I just need to PC them, let them cool down, then spread it across the surfaces.casing and DE.jpg


I'll be back to show the tubs after I sterilize the casing jars. I might let some tubs wait a bit longer than others to consolidate, but some of my tubs look ready for casing and fruiting.

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