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Damprid Juice

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#1 Billcoz



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Posted 08 August 2019 - 02:31 AM

Hey topians, been a couple months since I've made a post, I'm taking a break from growing for summer. I have enough stash to last but now i think I might have to toss a whole huge bag out, like half my stash, it's quite a lot.


When damprid gets saturated it melts into a solid block saturated with the water it absorbs, which puddles up.


Well I had some DR in a pill bottle with holes around the cap/top. I sealed it in a gallon ziplock bag with my last harvest which was fan dried, the DR brought it to cracker dry, but it's so humid here that the damprid surprisingly got saturated way quicker than I thought so I didn't change it out when I should have.


Well the pill bottle got knocked over and a little bit of that damprid(calciumchloride) juice, a few drops got on the inside of the bag and on a few fruits. I can't tell which fruits got it on em, and they are mixed in the bag from moving it.


This is a LOT of shrooms, I don't want to toss em all but again, I can't tell which ones have the DR juice on em. 


What do y'all think, is such a tiny amount of calcium chloride enough to justify tossing that much stash out?

#2 Billcoz



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Posted 11 August 2019 - 09:50 AM

Damn, no replies?

#3 Mush2Learn



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Posted 11 August 2019 - 03:30 PM

I read your post here but I know very little about damprid.. I would say if there's a chance that it's dangerous, you shouldn't eat them. Better off not eating something toxic in my opinion. Although it obviously would suck to lose such a stash. It would suck even more to make yourself or others sick..

I'm new to this hobby but I have been using dry and dry silicone packs for storage. They are enclosed and seem less likely to cause this kind of issue?

Best of luck to you whatever you decide!

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