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Brand new to mycology!

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Posted 08 August 2019 - 05:34 AM

I wanted to start by thanking you all for the efforts you have made to create a place with so much information!  Thank you!


Mycology is very cool and I just started to scratch the surface.  I am into gardening, some would call it an obsession haha!  I have been researching mushrooms for their benefits not only as food and spiritual tools, but also the way mushrooms help to form a more expressed soil richness.


I found a mushroom outside and thought it was cool.  So.. I buried it in my house plant container... wouldnt ya know.. it actually sprouted.  *excuse the term.. I know thats for seeds... Im learning! haha It doesnt seem to look the same as the one I found outside ... so I am confused.  Do spores of different types mix and form new mushroom types?  I know ive seen a few small greyish mushrooms in the past, but they only come up here and there.



I am now wondering if any of them are edible and or psychedelic in nature?  Ive tried to identify them on my own and no luck finding identical mushroom images or descriptions online.  I do have pets so I would like to learn as much as possible about these mushrooms.  If they are outright poisonous, I would like to work on eradicating it from inside where my pets might eat them-get sick and or dying over some mushroom.   Please take a look at the images below, I have been trying to get some decent pictures.. please exucse the phone images! :D


Thank you again for having me and any help the community may offer in identifying these!  I am looking forward to contributing to the community in the future! 


The one found outside (more white with brown center)




The larger one found inside (looks like a tan mushroom with a nipple and This one has produced a vivid brown spore deposit)











The smaller one found inside (grey and smaller in size)






Thank you for your help!

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Posted 09 August 2019 - 02:30 AM

No mushroom species do not interbreed. You have 2 different types inside. Tha last three pics are coprinoid (inky caps). They will pop up and quickly be gone. They are considered a weed mushroom.  Not active or edible and will melt into a black goo, if they havent already


Im not able to id the other sorry. But I dont believe its active.

 Does it bruise when you squeeze the stem or damage the mushroom? The brown spore isnt common in actives although some do have a brownish purple tint.

#3 MoPlease



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Posted 09 August 2019 - 04:04 PM

haha I know it was kind of a stupid question.. but wanted to be sure... Its almost like this new mushy is a blend between the two so I figured.. better to ask.. 


Thanks for the info on the coprinoid mushroom.  It does look really similar, I haven't seen it ink drips like that yet though.. Ill have to pay closer attention when I see them again.   They are a lot more rare now that this other mushroom is growing.  


Will mushrooms kill off each others growth within the soil/tree or does it become symbiotic and allow the other to live kinda deal?  I do not see any mixing of mushroom types in monotubs or anything like that.. so I have assumed no... but in nature you can find more than one mushroom in an area... Any thoughts would be awesome.  My thought is .. if you have a large monotub or other fruiting chamber- would it support 2 or more types without it getting to be a battle for who will spawn more... and in the end be less productive..  Another thought is.. would this create a more potent end result with regards to active or health benefits from a mushroom being that they were feeling competition for the space? 

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