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Posted 08 August 2019 - 07:01 AM

Hi, I'm considering mushrooms as a companion in my tent. I haven't seen this done often, but I have heard of it. I'm looking for any information I can get on this, so if you have some direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

#2 Foster



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Posted 09 August 2019 - 02:00 AM

By tent I assume you mean for plants?   whats your light cycle? Temp range?  lighting spectrum?


If you use a decently sealed tub or tray with lid, like a plastic shoebox with a lid. To prevent loss of humidity.  If you have an area(s)

that stays 72º-80º.

 Sure. give it a try.

Ive fruited/colonized on a shelf in a tent next to cuttings. At 75-80ºF.  Totally covered by foil for colonization and on 18 hrs cool/ daylight cfls.

Initiated pinning in the lower section where the temps were about 5ºf lower and had a mix of cool and warm t-5s.

No holes or filters in tray, Removed it from the  tent for fanning and misting as needed..I didn't open the box at all in the tent, there was too much airflow.


Good luck

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