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What’s the largest dose of cubes you have taken?

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Posted 12 November 2021 - 01:09 PM

Piggy backing on a couple posts here...

One of the first times I cubed, maybe even the first time, back in the 90s, a guy at work had gotten some so I bought, honestly don't remember if it was an 8th or 4tr(Qtr?). We always went out drinking after work, so I ate some of, most of, don't remember but was getting my drink on and just having mentioned not really feeling anything I went to recycle some beer. As I was standing at the urinal, my stomach gave a heave and let loose in a what best would be described as an Exorcist puke while simultaneously shrooms kicking in hard as I continued puking I moved my head to so I was puking in the toilet while catching trails and trying to laugh. When I came back out giggling and puke on my chin, buddy was like, so, shrooms kicking in yet?


Any who, so the past 12ish years or so I've been really struggling with alcohol, and smoking too really. I won't go too far into it, but I will say the past couple years have been intermittent after a 1.5 year hiatus. So that's why I'm trying shrooms, plus it's fun and I enjoy them.

Edit: Actually, more so the reason, I go months with feeling fine and dandy, staying sober etc, but then out of the blue I'll be hell bent full on self destructive and go buy a bottle and a pack, which often enough leads to wash rinse repeat. So I want to experiment, try some higher dosages, and like a previous post said, about dosing high enough to where your ego goes off.


So I pretty much haven't had shrooms since the 90s, when I got my first fruits last weekend, the first I tried was .3g of wet. Then after further fruiting I tried 3g, next day 3g and a few hours later 3g again. Then I ate 6g at once, and last night 5g, and then a few hours later 3g.

All were pleasant with good feelings, enjoying subtle movements, colors etc.

I'm currently soaking my substrate to see if I can get a 2nd flush and I'll try an 8g dose, and maybe a 10g, but I want to find a better setting than chilling in my room. Then I'd probably even try maybe 15g or so, but by myself in nature somewhere.

First time freshy eater as well and have to say my preferred method. I do have some dried but will save those for spring. Maybe.


Edit: Good read this thread, seeing the great variety in dose size and outcomes. So to the question at hand, most I have is 8 fresh grams over 4-5 hours, but I hope to expand upon that.

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Posted 04 May 2022 - 02:41 AM

The last post here was last november, which is also when I last tripped, equivalent of 6 dry grams of GT. (Actually no, I think I did have a couple tabs on one occasion since)

I had made up some chocolate pieces at 1 dry powdered gram each and had 5 of those.

I ate the chocolate after the fresh ones. I had a cake that needed harvested, it was the night before thanksgiving.

The cake was a weird isolate, that made very tiny, but fully mature fruits, like 1 to 2 inches tall. 

I weighed out 10g of the tiny guys, wet, fresh off the cake, and tossed that handful in my mouth. 


I hadn't planned on tripping, I was just doing grow chores. For some reason, I just HAD to do it. I had these beautiful weird little dwarf teachers, and the chance to eat them raw. 1572.jpg


I actually really just wanted to go to bed. I did lay down, and closed my eyes, and started feeling a lot of dread, that I had fucked up. 


That discomfort gradually diminished as the effects were coming on, and I stopped being afraid, I lay in bed with my eyes closed and I started seeing something I could only describe as like... a flourescent microscopic carnival. Really complex things interacting, just this completely alien and completely functional world going about it's business, beyond my understanding, and I could hear the mushrooms singing, like yawny sine waves with timbral complexity. This was the only time I would say I've broken through on mushrooms, so far. 

I was completely outside of myself and having experiences beyond my ability to recount or describe.

some of the experiences I had on these mushrooms were similar to descriptions I've heard of the dmt realm. 

I had the keys to the universe and I was going for a ride.


The trip had some ups and downs. Sometime later, I was posting weird poetry on social media until it spam blocked me, and I felt like a malevolent force was trying to stop me from spreading the truth and awakening the people to higher consciousness. Heheh


But I perceived that everyone did break through, and that everyone in the world was sharing the same thoughts and consciousness, and it was weird, we were learning to be unified while maintaining our individuality. I felt like humans had finally grown up, and it was the dawn of a new age. 


I spent hours and hours repeating mantras I had made up, lying on the floor, giggling and making grand statements. 


I kept saying stuff like "gratitude earns itself"

and "being is joy" 


My roommate was super pissed, but he understood, and just made sure I was okay. I had woken him up bursting into his room terrified because I mistook spots of coffee (that I had forgotten to clean up) on the floor for blood.

That was the one scary part. 


And yeah, I ended up at a thanksgiving dinner zonked-out-of-my-gourd-tired with a weak appetite and some disappointment, y'know, that mankind hadn't actually ascended, but I think that trip changed me in really positive ways. The experience had felt very important. 


It was an amazing trip, its been about 6 months since then. I'm thinking about doing 10g this year. I haven't really felt like visiting alternate dimensions since then,

but I hope to actually converse with the mushrooms next time. I'm looking forward to it. I'm starting to feel the need to be infinitely connected again. 

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