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Posted 11 August 2019 - 05:23 AM



First, i am not native english speaker so if my wrriting might be strange it is becouse of this. I am new to magic mushrooms. I wanted to try psychadelics but i didn't trust any "street" supply so i went for the "harder" and more expensive option of growing some myself. Bought some grow kits. My success rate is kinda medicore. I managed to get some of mushrrooms with the kit. Idk is it bad kit supplier or i screwed up. So far i tried magic mushrooms couple of times. That's some wierd stuff guys.XD.


But i mainly came here for growing. What i would mostly like to have/buy or make some kind of "grow kit dome" which would have automated humidity, temperature and air circulation. Basically i would just buy grow kits and put them in this kind of dome. Preferably i'd buy it but so far i haven't find anything like that. Alternatively i will have to make it myself in which case advise is neccesary.

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