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Minimizing spores in home environment?

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Posted 13 August 2019 - 03:10 PM

Its widely known that routine exposure to spores from numerous species of mushrooms can eventually lead to allergies, some of them extreme. I get the impression that this is not a big issue with Ps. cubensis [and probably a much less well defined risk level in other Psilos and Pans] but cubensis spores have been shown to contain known allergens, so a risk is clearly there.

For this reason, in the past I was always dubious about doing many shotgun terrarium grows indoors and in my first mushroom era I only grew a one year supply.

I want to up my growing game this time, but I can't fruit in my garage year-round. So I've been wondering, has any analysis of rate of spore pollution out of other fruit chamber types been measured?

Shotguns obviously would be the worst, but I see grain jars being done with tight polyfill plugs as filters. Would that mean that dubtub and monotub styles using somewhat looser polyfill plugs would have little leakage when not opened? Has their containment efficacy been measured at all? Would kite tyvek be too air restrictive to use in fruiting dubtub style?


I plan to use winter to become proficient in agar work, however it would be nice to be able to get a couple grows in as well. But only if I am not waking up in the morning as a spore swab :wink:

Thanks :smile:

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