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What's up with light brown mushrooms? Bad experiences

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Posted 15 August 2019 - 01:36 PM

I quickly typed this on my phone which doesn't spellcheck or auto-cap so sorry if it's choppy.

So from my past experiences I never knew the exact strain of mushroom I was given. But what I've noticed is anytime they're light brown it's a hellish experience. I usually eat an 8th every time I consume the shroom - but the only joyful times ive had were all white mushies.

So the times I eat white mushrooms I have euphoria, visuals, a whole new view on life, pure joy and curiousity etc etc.

The two times Ive have light brown mushrooms were life changing in a negative way.

Round 1.
I ate them with my gf and had no visuals. Extreme body load, felt sick, and my brain was shut off. On the come down I looked at myself in the mirror and told my gf I don't feel right. She said, you're fine no worries. I wake up on the floor. Her screaming do I call 911 do I call 911. Blood pissing out of my head. Apparently I fainted knocking my computer monitor and keyboard off the desk and landed my head on the corner of the old school xbox. Not fun. Luckily I wasn't really tripping anymore. Though when I awoke I felt like I was in a full blown trip and had forgotten where I was or what was happening. My brain said you're tripping and your gf is having a bad trip. So the very first thing I did was quickly sit up and say "Babe youre having a bad trip everythings okay! Here sit down you're fine!" She instantly looked at me with fear and began crying twice as hard. I was confused and started to connect the dots. She told me between breaths I just grabbed my neck and fell over... Thats when it started to come back, my memorys. I recall looking in the mirror and thinking theres a lump on my neck, I thought cancer. Thats when I said I dont feel good. End of that. Long story short I wiped the blood off my head and held papertowels till it stopped. We talked about the hospital but ended up going to bed. Dumb I know. Anyway that was that - life went on.

Round 2.
So this was probably 8 years later. Before the round 1 experience I had white mushrooms a few times that were all great experiences. Since hitting my head I basically told myself fuck those brown mushrooms i'll just grow my own good ones. Somewhere between the 8 years I tried to grow cyans on my first go, failed, and gave up... Then I just tripped on lsd and ald52 instead of the fungi. I have anxiety so a lot of my trips turned into me looping about having a chemical in my body and im going to get cancer. [I was tripping every weekend which turned into every other since it was losing the magic]... anyway. Here we are 8 years later. My friend says he knows a guy who has amazing mushrooms. Hes got the best around and I can trust him... hmm okay sounds great. I would feel much better eatting a mushroom. Natural, so maybe it will put my mind at ease. I meet the friends friend and hes super nice. Tells me a whole lot about growing and I learn a bit. I get excited and tell him I trust him after hearing his knowledge. He gives me the gift and boom bam all light brown. I was hesitant but was to excited since it's been so long. Maybe these are different I told myself... The night of - me and my fiance eat 4gs [Same gf, now fiance] things going ok. I realize they're pretty damn similar and I was getting dissapointed. Heavy heavy body load, feel sick, basically no visuals, feel like blah. We sit there and watch some shit I can't remember. But anyway once the movie is over we get up and say wow these mushrooms, odd. It was like I was walking in water. Head swimming. Idk how to explain it but it was a very odd feeling effect. We talked about a peice of art in the kitchen and how amazing it is. I was very into the artwork and so was she so we stood in the kitchen for a bit. At some point my fiance mentioned how she can be anywhere right now in the world. This idea randomly overwhelmed me. I felt light headed. In my head I told myself I need to sit down now. So without a word I tried to walk toward the couch. Next thing I know I open my eyes on the floor to her screaming and crying. But this was so much different. We were probably moments away from peaking so all emotion was heightened. Now when I first awoke I did the exact same thing, it was odd. I told her "Babe youre going into a bad trip breath youre okay" and the instant I said those words I had a flash back to the other time this happened. A second later I look at her and say did I hit my head. I see shes freaking out terrified so I hug her and say I just fainted did I hit my head. Once she catches a breath she said no. Apparently I started to fall backwards and said "Woaah!" Out loud and she ran over and caught me from behind, lowered me onto the floor with my head on her lap. From there she said my eyes were rolling in the back of my head and she was freaking out shaking and slapping me to wake up. I guess at one point I looked at her started to awake and my eyes rolled once more before I woke and sat up. The weird part is I swear I remember this. I shit you not it was like some weird film where I can see my fiance saying my name at the end of some dark tunnel and i cant reach her. I was in some other world in my head trying to get back to reality. These memories came later. When i initally awoke I had no idea where I was or what just happened until I realized tripping, oh finaces having a bad trip, ohh i fainted. After this whole thing she was crying so hard and was going into a full blown meltdown. I knew we were basically peaking and how bad this is going to effect her so she layed down on the kitchen floor and i layed with her and started massaging her head telling her everything is okay i fainted and you were here to save me. We are okay. Everything is okay. I continued this for a bit until she started repeating me and calming down. Eventually the crying stopped and we both had a feeling for the rest of the night that I had died and came back to life. Our outlook on life was so different. We both were so appreciative of life, of each other, everything. Our thoughts were clear and life made sense. We were happy to be alive and life is beautiful.

Trip ended and now she suffers from that night. She has flashbacks and little things that resemble the moments before I fainted such as scratching my head gives her crazy anxiety.

I want to know why only brown caps make me faint while white caps are so blissful.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I still have a fair amount left. Almost dumped them but found out I could let them sit in grain alcohol to remove most negative effects.. might do that.

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Posted 15 August 2019 - 02:10 PM

How big of a sample size are we talking about here? The most commonly eaten mushrooms are cubes and the most common white mushroom is simply an albino cube... I don't know of any reason why a mushroom from the same family that lacks pigments would have different effects than one that does... Unless you are allergic to the chemical that causes the pigments??


Hallucinogens can be impacted by perception and expectation... There is a chance that this effect is some how psychosomatic..

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#3 SoggyGnome



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Posted 15 August 2019 - 03:02 PM

"The most common white mushroom is simply an albino cube"

I figured it may have all been in my head but this I never knew. I thought maybe it was a type of strain causing a different effect. Very interesting thank you.

The amounts taken were 3.5g first round 4g second.

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Posted 18 August 2019 - 01:51 AM

Sounds to me like you had an unpleasant experience with "brown" mushrooms and that became an expectation leading way to a repeat of the previous experience with the new batch of "brown mushrooms" sounds like it was almost like a trigger. I've noticed that many people who have a rough experience will relive that experience next time they have a rough experience until they figure out what they were supposed to learn. Also sounds like the last batch were fairly stout. The experience can change dramatically as the dose increases and higher doses can feel very "weird". Sounds like maybe you were starting to have an ego death experience that was interrupted by your concerned fiance. It can be confusing being yanked back to consensus reality. Idk just my thoughts

#5 LegoMyego



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Posted 28 August 2019 - 11:09 PM

I'd be interested in testing this.  I'd have you trip four times.  Give you "white" shrooms 2 times and brown 2 times but tell you everyone is white. See if it is in your head (which is what I suspect). Perhaps lower the dosage next time. 

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