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DIY Auto Fem seeds

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Posted 23 November 2019 - 02:35 PM

I agree... dunno why the hate on feminized seeds and autos...

Back on point...

I really want to do this but I’m wondering how to sterilize any pollen left in my grow area after a seed run... I don’t want my future grows being seeded Willy nilly. What’s the best way to stop this from happening?

What I do personally is quarantine the plant that I'm getting pollen from. I collect the pollen that I'm going to use in a plastic bag or container. (Quick note on this: fresh pollen is moist and moisture will kill pollen so after it's collected you either need to use it immediately or dry it out before storing it.) Then bring your container to the plant you want to pollinate and use a small paint brush to apply the pollen to the bud that you've chosen. When the pollen touches the white hairs of your bud, seeds will form. Now if you feel like the quarantine area is contaminated with pollen, just wipe it down with water, like i said, moisture will kill it. I use bleach water for extra killing power. I hope this answers your question. And no, this is not the only way, just the way i do it

That’s exactly what I was looking to hear! Thanks man!

Makes a hell of a lot of sense to bag the pollen and not just let it blast around like crazy. Also I didn’t realize it was that easy to “kill off” the pollen... that’s a definite plus!

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Posted 20 December 2019 - 02:37 PM

I love this method, it saved me from having to order seeds many many times. Taking 1 from a ro uh and of clones and separating it, spraying it for 3 weeks waiting for sex then stripping a few buds and getting 50 seeds of female seeds that are back breed with they're own mother... c.s. is all I used and I've got seeds waiting til I'm in a less urban environment to be sprouted

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Posted 25 May 2020 - 07:45 PM

Howdy All
I am working on this as well
The products I'm using is: Sodium Thiosulfate and Silver Nitrate
I keep em in the fridge.
My first attempt last year was a learning exsperience. I ended up cross pollinating
three strains but finally accomplished making seeds from the four plants I was working with.
I spray the plants before lights out. Some of my directions said to spray every three days.
I started to spray every evening.
Because I'm limited on space I will try using a tomato cage with clear plastic around them to hopefully
not have a repeat from my last endeavor.
Have you ever heard about using aspirin for reversing the sex? Read somewhere using one notn coated
aspirin in a gallon of water and using this every third watering.

I understand the purists point of view about strains but am thrilled to keep seeds instead of trying to keep clones on hand

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