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Microbe Greens

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Posted 14 February 2021 - 03:12 PM

Some Super 90 i popped from seed. I had some Snow Ryder and Green Head Band but i killed them hamd watering as they floated around. I was used to clones so the delicate process involving seedlings had to be learned the hard way. These were crossed with auto genetics but are still a fully photoperiod plant requiring a reduction in light to trigger bloom. I ditched the crazy hard to maintain and clean ebb and flow system i was using and went back to coir/perlite in fabrimc pots and back to hand watering. Its solely for my wife so i don't need that big of a set up anymore. Im back in a 2x4x5 tent with a 315 CMH bulb feeding GH Flora series nutes, cal-mag, epsom, Kool Bloom, and SI Armor thatbis all i use and i get good result. Im not feeding Kool Bloom right now and Armor SI is just a splash here and there. I did switch my coir up and im not sure i like it. I was using mother earth that came in a white bag with a fancy design and yellow lettering with a tree on it but i came across a bag also mother earth but was literally a white back with brown lettering and is conditioned to have a NPK of .01 .01 .01 and was half the price. I asked why and the hydro clerk said they were running a special because no one was buying it. I bought 8 40 lb bags of it. Well there is a big difference and i can't believe that .01 across the board NPK can have the great of a difference. I will figure out how to use itm i just hope i get some females. My last 6 popped all male, i was mad AF because the wife back to smoking on my popcorn trim i use to make edibles.

Note: that small one is one that floated butni?was able to save but took a very long timevto recover. She will catch up when i top the others. Sorry for any poor spelling or grammar im on the full site on my phone and i can't see what the hell im typing. I need to get my lap top out and running.

Edit: went out to the garage to work on some shit and i thought about this post where i tried to explain the Mother Earth Coir so i took some photos.

20210214_145533.jpg 20210214_145533.jpg 20210214_190705.jpg 20210214_190705.jpg 20210214_190719.jpg

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