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Golden Teacher, the good times mushroom??

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Posted Yesterday, 11:36 PM

What's crazy is how many times (more than i can count) I have tripped shrooms and never knew what kind they were.
This is going to be my first, not only knowing(golden teacher) what I'm taking, but my very own. Definitely going to add to the whole experience.


Have to type this fast as the SCREEN is really "running" (mycelium i would LIKE "BETTER") ALL over the "joint"

but for you & Randys57~i CERTAINLY 'HOPE' YOUR "NEW" reaquintance w/these "products are memorable & MOST PLEASURABLE"! AS any "feelings" of "AWE & CONNECTION wi the UNIVERSE" may be a "HOLIDAY-HOLY DAY" for yaz!

PeAcE only~



As for Cubensis I had some of the most beautiful trips ever on Golden Teachers, and Treasure Coast and Orissa Indians. I found those three seem to vibe well with me and produce uplifting and positive experiences. Mexicana and Blue Meanies gave me dark and strange trips. I used to think it is largely do to day to day conditions, how you sleep, what you eat, your mental state at the time you dose, and stuff like that which produce the different spectrums of experience, but having more experience I tend to think that Cubensis varies in effect as much as different strains of marijuana and can consistantly produce similar trips with the right setting. 


Randys67, man my wife never got with the mushroom experience either. She liked woodlovers, because you take so little for such a ride, but she never has been into Cubensis much. She will occasionally take a gram or so with me if I nag her into it, but she rarely enjoys the night like I do. Different strokes for different folks I reckon man! 

Man, thanks for telling us your experiences with other :"flavors".....really  will help me.  I have been watching folks reports of Penis Envy and hearing some darker things.  Be good to try Golden Teacher.  Have not taken psychedelics in 40 years!  


well that one is gone for good 40 years & NOW a BIG WELCOME BACK to 'SANITY'

~truly MEANT in "only a JOKING MANNER"!

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