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Calling all Lab Rats - Microscopy Stains

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Posted 05 September 2019 - 09:18 AM

Ima wanna-be lab rat and have no experience in a "real" laboratory. 

That being said, I have stumbled onto some experiments I would like to perform and they require the use of:

Viability Stains or Dyes to assess the health of the cells within an aqueous sample. 


I have purchased some Erythrocin B powder but I lack the instruction necessary to make that into a liquid stain for microscopy. 

I've scrounged the internet diligently and guess that I'm simply not phrasing my query properly because, for the life of me, I cannot find a procedure for making an aqueous suspension with the proper ratio of powder to solution. 


During the test procedure, the stain darkens dead cells and tissue to a pink-ish color while leaving live cells translucent. The stain is also supposed to be non-toxic to the test cells for up to 2 hours making cell counts more reliable (not having to adjust for timing of the stain application when performing multiple counts). 


I PM'd a fellow member but haven't heard back. -- I really want to try this stuff out soon but have some methylene blue to get me by in the meantime. 

Hoping someone here will take pity and point me in the right direction. (I'm just guessing that due to my lack of lab experience - this information must be common knowledge. It's as if I might be asking which side of the toilet paper to use. Don't presume I know a single thing about lab work and let's start from there. In other words, pretend that I'm a foreigner who has never seen or used toilet paper before and explain without presumption.) 

I'm just being facetious - and that was an analogy - but you get the point hopefully.  


I rarely ask for help. Hoping someone in the community here can offer some insight or point me to a reference. 



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#2 Myc


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Posted 05 September 2019 - 01:18 PM


I switched search engines and screwgle turned up the info I was looking for. The media preparation procedure was buried within a .pdf file I stumbled upon. Duck duck go just never led me to that result no matter how many times I re-phrased my search terms and query. 

Total piece of cake. Thanks anyway!

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