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Jean-Paul Sartre’s Crabs

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#1 RainbowCatepillar



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Posted 09 September 2019 - 05:23 AM

Anyone ever hear about this? I didn't lol

Soooooo philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre did mesc and this is what happened..

“Yeah, after I took mescaline, I started seeing crabs around me all the time. They followed me in the streets, into class. I got used to them. I would wake up in the morning and say, ‘Good morning, my little ones, how did you sleep?’ I would talk to them all the time. I would say, ‘OK, guys, we’re going to class now, so we have to be still and quiet,’ and they would be there, around my desk, absolutely still, until the bell rang."    


What in the actual fuck? lol


Through psychoanalysis, Lacan and Sartre concluded that the crabs were a manifestation of Sartre’s fear of loneliness and becoming alienated from the people around him. The high dose of mescaline triggered his adolescent anxiety and induced an unpleasant feeling of isolation. Also, according to Lacan, Sartre hallucinated seeing crabs because he had developed an intense fear of sea creatures during his childhood. Although Sartre eventually recovered from the drug-induced neurosis, the crabs he had hallucinated affected his life in a profound way.   


Trippy how Psychoanalytic work, which is focused on reintegrating the splintered sub-personalities of the psyche, caused the crabs and lobsters to disappear after ceaselessly following him for years. 

My criticism of this article is the anti-drug propaganda in it. How can the author say Sartre's projections were "drug-induced neurosis" when it went away after psychoanalytic therapy? It's more accurate to say that the "drug" merely revealed what was already burgeoning deep within his psyche. Anywaysss, this makes me rethink the idea of "spirit animals". I used to think people said it for fun. I mean some do, but others may have been sharing something that went over my head..


Could "spirit animals" be messengers from deep within the psyche that guide you to your healing? 
Has anyone here ever experienced being followed by entities like this after a trip?

Would love to hear experiences..

Article: https://www.thevinta...-paul-sartre-2/

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Posted 09 September 2019 - 11:57 AM

Not after a trip no.

But, I used to have dreams of spiders in my room, on my bed or the wall, or slowly dropping down over me on a line of spider silk. I would wake up and still see them in the room for quite a few seconds.

This went on for years.

Then one day (fully awake, daytime) I went into my bedroom to see a huge spider sitting on my pillow. I removed it and threw it out the back door. I immediately went back into the bedroom... and there was a spider. The exact same size. On my pillow. In the exact same spot.

I removed this one too but my mind was seriously messed up at the impossibly of what had just happened.

What that tells me I don't know.

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#3 TVCasualty


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Posted 09 September 2019 - 12:10 PM

Damn, I sure am glad that mescaline never gave me crabs!


If this happened today I'd suggest that someone might have sold him some funky RC from China and claimed it was mesc.


Not only has nothing ever followed me out of a trip, nothing has followed anyone I know out of their trips, either.


Still, I'm curious how anyone could determine with any certainty that the crabs are manifestations of subconscious emotional states. The conclusions of psychoanalysis in this case sound like a lot of speculative projection that, while plausible, is still merely a guess.

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Posted 09 September 2019 - 12:50 PM

I am very skeptical of all psychoanalysis. More than that, if they followed him for years, my money would be on them still being there and him growing out of his need to tell people and bring attention to his uhhhh.... madness. The fact that the bulk of psychoanalytic techniques today are still based on the work of Jung and Freud is rather appalling to me. I just do NOT think that the vast spectrum of human cognizance is that easy to put into all those little boxes that they insist everyone ought to fit into. Human minds are all over the charts in every regard, and we are all unique in one way or another. 


Never had anything follow me out of a trip, but had an experience with an entity a good 10-12 hours later from just a small trip. My wife came in from outdoors all flustered and upset, and said that she felt there was "something" out there that had unsettled her and frankly frightened her, but said it felt like a dark spiritual entity. This happens here from time to time, and I believe we are in the pathway of "something" that is not always here but occasionally passes through here. This time it pissed me off because it scared my girl. I filled a large morter and pestle bowl with sage, lit it in a ceremonial manner and invoked ALL of my helper spirits, ancestors and whatever/whoever creator could send me to aid me, got my walking stick and drum and went outside. My impression was it was on top of the house...


I invoked sacred space and drew a line in the ground all the way around my house, and under and over it, and proclaimed this to be sacred space that may NOT be entered by any dark force or spirit. When I did this my grass was 2-3 feet deep as I had no way to cut it that summer. As I drug that stick around, I could literally see that I was pushing things ahead of me in the grass, and asked my wife if she saw it too, and she said she most certainly DID see it visually and spiritually. My impression of this thing was of a long lanky doglike entity, rather like a black wolfhound that ran sort of sideways, scampering ahead of me. As I completed the circle I beat a drum song of protection, powerful and fast, projecting my own energy and power into reinforcing this barrier I had just erected. When I was done, I swear I could still sense this thing standing 30 feet away from me. I threw my heavy drumstick at it HARD, and it scampered under an old pickup truck that was out there, and made an audible clunk on the metal as it ran underneath it. I said aloud that it had no permission to be here and to BE GONE!


That was very disturbing to both of us as my wife also saw and heard it dart under the truck. I retrieved my drumstick and went back into the house with a good amount of fear and righteous anger in my heart. For one thing what we chased around that day was NOT the entity that had scared my wife, but seemed like some sort of elemental lower entity. I had the distinct impression that the real entity was watching my pitiful attempt at protection with some amusement, but it left us be. I would like to think that all my helper spirits and ancesters were with me, and that it was gone, but my soul tells me it still does what it wants to and comes through here anytime it wants to. 


YES I had done some psychedelic mushrooms that morning. YES they could have produced these things. YES I admit I am more than half crazy for believing these things, but that is why I pursued Shamanism for so many years so I could somewhat make an attempt to deal with these spiritual things that seem to be such a part of our lives. BTW< I would never tell this story anywhere but here or to my teacher and feel sort of embarassed to share it even here. 

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#5 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 09 September 2019 - 01:29 PM

I was totally terrified by spiders as a small child, what with growing up in black widow territory.  I had a dream where I was with all the neighborhood kids, playing in a vacant lot at the opposite end of the block where that was our habit, and a giant black widow, using the telephone and power lines as its web, ate all the other kids and chased me home down the alley in the center of the block.   When I was in my early twenties, my old lady and I (now I was a newly minted hippie, recovering from early life, school, and the military) were living in a cabin that had wolf spiders up the ying.  We offered a deal with the spiders that said we would catch them and move them outside, but if they stayed in the cabin, they had to stay out of sight.  Bing, they were gone from sight. 


A few years later I got a job in a shingle mill, sawing up cedar logs.  I was operating powerful equipment that was subject to breaking and making my life difficult or in danger.  Spiders started showing up in places where, if I were to continue on the path I was on at the moment, something bad would happen.  I confirmed this repeatedly by looking the situation over and finding what they had seemingly been trying to warn me of.   I went along like this for quite a while, and the magic of it was burning my brain.  I had tested the spiders when this first started and found they did not shit me in the least.  When, after trusting them for that good while, I tested them again, they stopped advising me.  It's sad that I did this, because as advisors, they were true.  But that was a lesson for me from them as well.  I love spiders to this day. 


BTW, loneliness once got me a crab escort too.  Loneliness was the motivating factor that got me with this waitress after her work one night.  I brought those little crustaceans back with me and supplied them to a bunch of other lonely sailors in the Repair Birthing Compartment of a 900 man ship.  It turned into quite an outbreak.  I knew where it started, but no one else did.  I kept that secret until now. 

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#6 Skywatcher


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Posted 10 September 2019 - 05:51 PM

Could "spirit animals" be messengers from deep within the psyche that guide you to your healing? 

Has anyone here ever experienced being followed by entities like this after a trip?

Would love to hear experiences..

There are different kinds of " Spirit Animal Guides".

"Life Guides" are with you from birth. Doesn't matter if you have acknowledged them or not. They are of your core.

"Journey Guides" come into your life when needed, and will stay with you for as long as you need them. They can be valuable teachers, and they can also be a comfort.

"Messenger Guides" come with more urgent need. They only stay around until the message is heard or understood.

Last are the "Shadow Guides". These stem from your fears, and come to actually help you overcome them.


I actively listen to my animal spirit guides. I have several journey guides that have been with me for years. I practice Augury, so I am used to looking for and understanding signs. Messenger guides very much fall into this area.


These types of teachers and guides can be actual animals, or they can be dream beings, or non-coincidental creatures you notice repeating a lot, and seemingly all at once.


I would guess the crabs Sartre experienced to be Shadow Guides, but of course I cannot know this.


As far as having entities follow me out of a journey, It has happened a few times, but I attributed that to being where they already were, and being in the hyper-sensitized perception state, I became noticed by them because I knew they were there.

When I say they followed me it was actually being followed as I walked out of the desert area where I had spent the night on a Spirit Walk.

Usually they stayed behind once I left the desert and crossed the road.


I did however have a negative entity glom onto me once in this situation, that lingered for several days until I became very uncomfortable, and did a cleansing of myself and my homestead.

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#7 TVCasualty


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Posted 10 September 2019 - 06:19 PM

We offered a deal with the spiders that said we would catch them and move them outside, but if they stayed in the cabin, they had to stay out of sight.  Bing, they were gone from sight. 



I did that, too. With astonishing results that continue to this day.


Made a deal with them where I promised to safely remove them from the house if they revealed themselves to me since the region is covered up with spiders (outside), so they tend to get inside a lot. I did that by focusing on my intention to do so, so no words were spoken out loud since I doubt spiders would speak English (most spirits and non-human entities don't, and sometimes you can even get a spirit guide showing up as a translator for what another guide is trying to tell you. The lineage I've had training in was very practical in that respect, lol).


Anyway, ever since then if I'm in bed or at my desk I get spiders walking on my wall out to where I can see them, then they stop and don't move until I get the dedicated insect-cacther jar and scoop 'em up and take 'em outside. When I'm busy doing stuff sometimes they'll walk out to the center of my hallway and stop until I get 'em, and these are often wolf spiders that usually move pretty darn fast when you get close. Spiders that live in webs in corners are usually left alone since spiders don't bother my fungi grows but the bugs they eat can.


I've since expanded the agreement to include scorpions (got a lot of those, too), and two have walked along my bedroom wall until I could see them and stopped in the same spot the spiders would (on two separate occasions). Those were the only times I've ever seen scorpions on a vertical surface; not sure if that is unsusual for them. When I moved up to the disaster a couple years ago I had to amend the agreement to exclude Brown Recluses since they were freakin' everywhere and not ideal to get bit by while 45 minutes away from any medical help (though not as bad as the hype, either).

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#8 Coopdog



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Posted 11 September 2019 - 01:44 AM

Wow ALder and TV that is amazing. My wife is a spider magnet, and 9 times out of ten when we see one it is moving directly in her direction. She has also had three serious and long lasting, scarring wounds from what appears to be recluse bites, but they are not supposed to be local to us, although many locals say they have had them here. I wonder if we could work out an arrangment to keep them from biting my sweet tasting wife? We can sit out back and mosquitos don't bother me a bit but they eat her alive. Apparently they like her as much as I do ;) 


I find the idea of making a deal with them a fascinating subject and I wonder that years ago she started killing them rather than relocating them after being bitten those times. I deal with the rats, snakes and possums, she deals with the spiders lol. My friend has a spider catcher tool that opens a handfull of bristles that you put over them, let off the handle and they are captured, take them outside and you can release them unharmed. I thought of getting one and all this came up very recently as if it was meant to be. I'll give it all some thought and see what I can come up with as far as a deal goes :)

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Posted 11 September 2019 - 04:51 PM

I recall when I was in those 10 or so days that I sometimes call my positively felt psychosis, the crows were acting too odd. They'd walk up to me and I thought maybe they'd start talking. I remember a trip when a deer came running up to the side of the stream and sat for some minutes looking at me, I looking at it. What sort of God saw me through its eyes? That's how it felt.


But no crabs. Nothing has hung around, but I remember times after throwing myself out of balance a bit when I closed my eyes in the shower my mind conjured imagery and feelings to match angelic beings surrounding me. Not clear though, it's all the basic feeling, strange reality.

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