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Just some food for thought.

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Posted 09 September 2019 - 07:20 AM

For entertainment purposes. A 20g dry cubed revelation

One night as I was in the spirit, I heard a voice call to me. It was a woman’s voice. She asked “Can you hear me”? I responded through the mind, “Yes”. I heard her say,” He can hear us”. I then heard a small crowd cheer with excitement. This startled me and I awoke from my dream.

Now anxious about what I just experienced, I began to pace through my house. I thought to myself how real that voice was. As I walked through my house, I could feel energy flowing through the hairs on my arms. The air was alive as it always is, but I was more tuned in to it. I could see the energy. Waves of prismatic colors ebbed and flowed around me. My mind was racing with information. Too fast for my conscience to comprehend. I was being fed.

The information was like static. White noise, as if an old AM radio were being run through the dials. I was being overloaded. I noticed as I was pacing that in some parts of my house the static became more clear than in other parts. As I walked back to my original meditation spot the static dissipated and I heard the woman’s voice say “Are you still there”?

This made me very uncomfortable, as I felt it was very invasive. I felt the energy now, stronger than ever. In this space it was full strength. I saw blinking lights, blue and purple in color and I felt bombarded with this energy.

My mind was being overloaded. I looked around this space and quickly reacted. I reached down towards the blinking lights and felt a twisted, jumbled messed. It felt like serpents,crawling on the floor. The energy was at its peak there. I could feel it surging and commingling with my own bodies energy. I felt the serpent as it crawled up my wall. I grabbed the serpent firmly and gave it a quick pull. It released its grip from the wall.

Immediately the lights and the noise subsided. My mind was at rest. The invasive voice faded off into the dimension from whence it came. The static fizzled out. A sense of clarity and comfort overcame me. Peace.
My wife walked in and clicked on the lights. She looked at me as I lay on the floor. She asked me, “What happened”? “I’m not sure yet” I responded as I looked in my hand. What was once a serpent wrestling with me was now my router and modems power cable.

Experiment with this my friends. You may stumble upon something very interesting indeed.

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