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Tea extraction by day = fail. Redosing same night = overwhelming success

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Posted 18 September 2019 - 11:54 AM

So I tried the tea extraction twice, both times with underwhelming results. First time I tried 15g wet combined with 500mg dried. Everyone keeps saying how it hits harder than eating, so I opted for a small dose. I steeped in hot water for 10 minutes and discarded the solids. It hit me far less hard than 15g wet + 1,5g dry that was my first dose with my own shrooms, and it lasted much shorter, but the side effects were substantial. So I decided to try redosing. Internet said "it doesn't work, may just prolong it a bit". So I ate 5g as soon as the trip was nearly over and had intense visuals along with breakthroughs in my own personal philosophy about the world and everything, without feeling the heavy body load.

A week later, same story. This time I decided to soak the shrooms in lemon juice while the water heats up. I used 30ish grams wet and 1,5+ grams dried. I made sure to chop up the fresh shrooms as finely as I could, and to pulverize the dry ones. I simmered everything for 12-15 min and again discarded the solids. Again, the intensity of the trip was disappointing. Again I redosed 5g dry in the evening, and this trip was even better, with visuals of universal unity, ego and boundary disolution and all that.

So what gives? My experiences seem to go contrary to what everyone's saying. I guess the tea would've had a bigger kick had I eaten the leftovers, but that would defeat the whole purpose of making the tea in the first place.

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Posted 18 September 2019 - 02:21 PM

That kind of variability is why I never make tea. That and the obligatory loss of some potency that happens with all extractions.


That said, from reading many tea reports (some impressed, some disappointed) I get the impression that it's probably a good idea to bring the water to a boil before adding the fungi as by the time water boils it will be free of dissolved oxygen. That may be a factor if dissolved oxygen is able to oxidize the actives, but I don't know if that's the case or where to look to find out.


One friend of mine used to make tea a lot, and he'd boil the hell out of a big stockpot of pasture-picked mushrooms, filter them out after 10 minutes, then boil it some more to reduce it to one cup per person and he'd finish by dumping a ton of kool-aid powder into it and chilling it in the fridge before serving it up later that evening. Everyone's cup hit 'em like a 5-gram+ freight train every time. He would bring the water to a boil first, then toss the mushrooms in. Not my preferred method, but it definitely worked.


So pre-boiling the water is the only thing I can think of suggesting if you want to try again.

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