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koolbloom liquid quart and fish sh!t

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#1 darkkon



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Posted 23 September 2019 - 08:42 AM

so foaf recently showed me his plant, 7 foot high, about week 3-4 flowering, i took off all the sucker leaves i could, so production could go to the colas,


he wasnt much of a pruner or anything, their just christmas trees, their not super cropped or anytihng.


sooo their in trash cans with the top cut off, so like half a trash can. and their 7 ft and maybe 4 ft wide, stem on them is as thick as  babys wrist

anyway, so i got this koolbloom liquid, says use 2 tsp / gal for hydro and 1 tsp / gal for soil.


sooooo i used 2 tsp for soil because im an idiot and didnt read clearly enough


and i did it 3 days in a row... plus another half gal on day 3


that means i administered 20 ml x 3 + 10ml = 70 ml per plant in 3 days.... and they said this stuff was potent


its been 6 days since first dose, and no nute burn.


could it be that their just massive and wanted a ton of nutes that they were missing? their in super soil right now mixed with horse shit


sorry no pics


i guess my question is, after rereading the bottle and calculating how much i administered i thought i would get nute burn for sure.


do their directions for most products only keep in mind maybe small indoor plants and not outdoor ones?


im trying to think like perhaps it sstill hungry? i just ordered a ppm meter and ph meter for water too.

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#2 Melonmuziq



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Posted 20 November 2019 - 01:39 PM

When adding nutes its usually based on either trunk diameter or the size of the container. In both cases it seems u are on the large end so u can easily double what it calls for if there is no chart for trunk diameter or container size.

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