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Un plug for your mental health

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Posted 02 October 2019 - 06:22 PM

I have absorbed a ridiculous amount of light from a screen during my limited time on this planet. It has always provided me with a source of comfort, entertainment and belonging. I think every generation the screen times seems to increase. But what I find has really changed the game is the cell phone.


This device that you carry with you into every room of your house. It records and learns everything about you. And then turns around and makes its products more addicting of what it has learned. I noticed I was spending more and more time on the news app flipping through articles, half reading them and making stupid comments like anyone gives a shit what anyone else has to say on there. 


 My main beef these days is with the state of news. Joe Rogan put it very well when he explained that when you use free news apps. You are basically getting a shit ton of one sided opinion pieces that are being churned out by twenty year old's in their basement. When the frigg did a top ten list become a news article...  These are not journalists, more like bloggers disguised as journalists. We reached a tipping point when more people got their news off facebook than an actual publication. So the flood of nonsense and misinformation began. Real investigative journalism is expensive and difficult to produce. So as the major publications started to lose market share to basement bloggers. The quality of their product was forced to change to keep investors happy. So we basically get force fed poorly written propaganda, at least the old school propaganda was well written and you just might learn a thing or two.


Some of the way's they do this are


The add's disguised as articles trick, like top 10 destinations your should tavel to this year, ect. They have a fancy name for it, sponsored content. Data collection to sell of to anyone who is interested, and the specific catered news feeds that people started getting. Learn what you like and force feed you more articles like that. Have you ever noticed that the news only seems to give you negative feelings. Like the world is on the edge of catastrophic failure.


This too is by design, because they realized mad people click on things much more than happy people. A pissed off viewer is an engaged one. In this case you do get more bee's with shit, than honey. So the algorithms have learned this about us and are force feeding you more articles that piss you off. It is truly a nasty cycle


I remember watching the Howard stern movie and they were reviewing how long people who were fan's were listening per day. It was hours less than the people that were enraged by him and wanted him off the air. 


So in the last month or so I have been trying to kick the idea of the new's all together. It's sad that it has become this toxic for us. What does all that bullshit have to do with my life? We project other peoples problems to be our own, and search for answers to solve them. When in reality nobody is looking for our solutions. I gotta say, it has been sort of an eye opener of how much time I was wasting with things I cannot control


When I was a younger lad I met an older gentleman and had a few drinks with him. We started talking about this and he exclaimed that as he got older he realized it was just all so meaningless. Things that you have no control or sway in any way what so ever. Yet we let ourselves get emotionally invested, its silly and draining for our mental health. I will always remember that piece of advice, following it is another thing entirely.


I don't advocate to just stick your head in the sand and ignore what is going on around you. But maybe just try to focus on a smaller circle. Read your local newspaper. What goes on in your small community of friends and family. Concentrate on that, because in the end, that's all that really matters

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