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Posted 29 October 2019 - 09:43 AM

A few days ago was my very first experience with Dimitri. I thought I broke through but now am questioning it.

So I took some time to process what has happened. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Loaded 60-70mg in stock coil youcan evolve plus. I have a better scale on the way, this may have not been the most accurate weight. I did a pulse to melt it. Inhaled nice and smooth. Feathered the button to avoid burning it. ~4 sec on. ~1-2 sec off. Not sure how much I took in but it was a decent amount. Held it for at least 10 sec.
Visuals started in less than 2 sec. in probably another 2 sec I got what I am assuming is the “hyperspace”. It felt like my spirit was launched at light speed. The sound that accompanied it was almost unbearable. Metal shrieking/bending. In less than a second I could feel the sound to the core of my being.

I felt like I may have passed out or at least don’t remember what happened. Almost 24 hours after I remembered a part of this phase.

I was outside and everything was normal. Suddenly the world stopped. Like time froze. There was a sound like something electric being shut down. An announcement comes on. “Experiment so and so (random letters/numbers) has been terminated.” Our whole world was an experiment. Having thought about this for a day or so, I’m not sure if this was feeding the simulation theory, or if we are just the lab rats of other beings. Either way it was surreal but also a relief. Bottom line is we failed the experiment.

I assume I am starting to come back to my body at this point. I slowly start coming back. My spirit feels like 3 feet behind me but my vision is not. I forgot I had consumed the deem. I am wondering why I am doing the things I am doing like extracting/cultivating mushrooms. I’ve had this same feeling on mushrooms during a slightly difficult trip. I laughed to myself cause I was starting to feel fucked up. I remember thinking how funny it was that just thinking about it made me feel that way. I remember now that I had tried it. I begin to realize where I am.

The visuals start to become more and more understandable. Almost like my vision had to get used to it. Lots of reds and purples start erupting. Very digital. Not hard geometric shapes but very fluid. Very swirly. Full of cracking energy.

I felt a presence. Reptilian. I thought at first that it was a male figure but afterward felt a more feminine energy. Flowing robes, scepter, sitting in a stone throne. I attempt to focus my attention on it. I can’t see it exactly but I know it’s there. It makes a waving motion with its hand almost like saying “look at what I’ve made for you” trying to distract me from paying attention to it. From there the visual got really intense.

Time has been nonexistent but I am starting to come back. It could have been days for all I know. I thought time was going slow but realized it didn’t exist. I sat back and appreciated the beauty around me while it lasted.

I looked in the chamber the next day and it seems like there is quite a bit left. Hard to gauge how much I consumed but I’d guess at least half.

Was i teetering on the edge? It seems like I didn’t even make it all the way through. Or am I just so new to this that I wasn’t able to understand what really happened? Is this stuff always that intense? What a mind fuck

Just wanted to share the experience and maybe get some feedback. My donut coils are in now. I’m sure I won’t have the same issue again.
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Posted 29 October 2019 - 10:52 AM

Sound like you got it right the first try. I like to use a vape rig myself but my friends seem to struggle with getting it dialed in. They just don't get the idea of pulsing and feathering it. The vape pen is killer for laying on the bed in pitch dark room, give that a shot if you haven't yet. I also find that the longer I wait in between sessions the better they are. I don't have much luck chasing the mind fuck unless I wait. Using frequently just ends up in intense visuals. Very nice description of your first flight, thanks for sharing.

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Posted 29 October 2019 - 10:56 AM

The pulse was to get the initial melt. The feathering was because people claim it burns. This device also has a 10 sec cut off I think. Doing a 4 on with a short break bypasses that build in cut off feature. That was what I was referring to as feathering it. I guess pulsing would be a better description.

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Posted 29 October 2019 - 02:31 PM

What is Dimitri? DMT?

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Posted 29 October 2019 - 02:44 PM


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