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Posted 04 November 2019 - 08:51 PM

I have looked through the archives, and other places on the web at different incubator designs, I ended up using an egg incubator design. First off, I'd like to say that I know incubators are not really necessary in this hobby because cubes will be fine in all phases between roughly 65F and 80F. However, I have a few reasons to make one:


  1. The room where most of my projects sit has been dropping to about 66 during the night. Which won't really hurt anything but it could be slowing colonization.

  2. I have had a couple contamination issues as of late, and I think keeping my more susceptible projects that are just babies, in their own tub that is more or less sealed, is an extra layer of protection.

  3. I would like to keep projects that are fruiting in a cooler area (which I think Cubes prefer while fruiting), and spawn and agar plates separate and compartmentalized (which I guess is a combo of 1 and 2, but whatever).


So all that being said, I have constructed an incubator and I'm looking for any advice on how I can improve it. There are a few concerns that I have in particular.


  1. I have attached a computer fan on the inside to circulate the warm air, after testing still air, vs. circulating the air with the fan on (with three different thermometers simultaneously – averaged), the temp stays desired and consistent with the fan running

    -I don't want to dry the jars out too much, so will the fan be excessive and harmful while incubating BRF and Grain jars? (I don't trust my hygrometer)

  1. After testing the temps for a 15W and a 25W bulb, the 25W provides the desired temp. I am looking for a way to keep the heat right but reduce the brightness of the light in the incubator. I've thought about some kind of aluminum foil rigging but I'm not really sure.

  2. I would like to make a second shelf. Probably will just take some brainstorming, but any ideas are welcome!


So, I don't want the inside of my incubator to be bright or dry. Based on my design (Pics attached), for anyone that has experience, what can I do to improve this incubator?


All holes on the side are currently duck taped, and can be poly stuffed to dial in temp.

I would like to avoid a dry climate but I will not have any standing water inside the chamber.

I don't like Tub in Tub designs, they won't work with my current situation.



Thanks to all you wonderful topians that take the time to chime in! :cool:

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Posted 05 November 2019 - 06:07 PM

Seems legit, once I put a lava lamp covered in aluminum foil in my grain closet, it also did the trick

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