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Huahutla monotub grow log. What do y'all think about packing foam?

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#1 orangutan



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Posted 01 December 2019 - 09:44 PM

Back in early november I sterilized some half-gallon jars of oat and WBS mix.  2/3 hydrated oats and 1/3 hydrated WBS.


I really like how the oat grains don't stick together and how easy it is to shake the jars.  I think the grassy husk around each grain is also appreciated by the mycelium.  Last time I grew with 100% oats, it seemed that the mycelium was not as thick and aggressive in the jars, even though it fruited just fine.  So this time I'm throwing some WBS in there and it looks great.  


Inoculated with Huautla liquid culture.

closeup1.jpg closeup2.jpg


My closet has a shelf up high, and I'm using a 400 watt hot oil heater plugged into a propagation mat thermostat and kept at 76 degrees with the probe placed next to the jars.  Since heat rises, the heater doesn't have to work too hard... all the heat stays up at the top of my closet.



Back in october I went for a walk down a horse riding trail with a 5 gallon bucket and filled it up with old, dried out poops and ignored the fresh stuff.  I added some water to bring to field capacity and left it in my garage for several weeks. 


Pasteurized 50/50 hpoo/coir mix in turkey bags in my oven at 170 degrees overnight.  After 8 hours at 170 degrees, I stuck a meat thermometer in the bags and they were in the mid 150 degrees.  



So I wanted to spawn 4 inches deep into each monotub, with 1 gallon of colonized grain for each tub.  I realized I had not prepared enough sub so I hydrated some more coir by pouring 190 degree water onto coir bricks in a 5 gallon bucket and covering it, leaving to cool overnight.  Finally the next day I assembled subs.  


1 gallon of spawn : 2 gallons of poo/coir : 1 gallon of coir  (roughly)



Mixed all together and then added a thin layer of coir on top which may or may not act as a contamination barrier.



I was in a hurry that morning and I did not have time to cover the subs.  Also I like to provide plenty of air when first spawning, just to make sure the mycelium gets a good jump and to prevent any anaerobic shenanigans in the sub while the mycelium becomes established.  4 out of 6 holes in the tubs were blocked with masking tape.  Placed in mid 70's.  After 4 days growth was very apparent and also plenty of condensation on the inner walls.


Has anyone used packing foam as a cover during spawn run? 


After 4 days I gingerly placed a layer of very thin packing foam that initially came sandwiched between boards of Ikea furniture (what is that stuff called anyway?) .  If I don't cover my subs they tend to dry out by fruiting time and I usually have very little patience for daily baby-ing by way of misting.  Foil and plastic generate a lot of condensation and then I get pools of water on top of the mycelium when the spawn run is over.  So I'm trying this packing foam.  My thinking is that since it has many air bubble inside, it will act as an insulator and water will not condense on it.  So far so good.  There is no condensation on the inside walls of the tubs (evidence that there is no moisture escaping the subs) and there seems to be minimal condensation on the packing foam but it's hard to tell.  

packing1.jpg packing2.jpg packing3.jpg


It's so exciting to work with a living thing.  We can't control it, we can only create the right conditions, make the space, and coax them to do what we want.  I can't wait to see what happens with this packing foam!




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Posted 02 December 2019 - 09:59 AM

Sounds Legit. I've used Bubble Wrap just fine that way, Even seen waxed paper and foil used too. I don't see why the sheets of packing foam won't work. Let us know how you do?

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#3 RutgerHauer



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Posted 02 December 2019 - 10:15 AM

It's a known Tek with bubble wrap, I will try that on my next grows. Should help insulating a bit too.

This foam you are using should do the trick too i guess.


Tub is looking good by the way. Hope it'll do well for you.


I am curious:

Have you noticed any difference in 'giving them extra air to start of colonization' vs directly putting on bubble wrap or wax paper? Or what exactly is your thought process on this part?


Looking forward to seeing the result

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Posted 02 December 2019 - 10:26 AM

I have not done side-by-side comparisons of giving them extra air to start colonization vs covering them right after spawning.


A few years ago, when I was new to this, I had sealed up a horse poo sub too much once and the newly spawned grains stalled and the whole thing smelled like sweet fizzy soda.  Someone on this forum suggested FAE and everything bounced back.


I figure that at the very beginning, there is no chance of fruiting so some extra air can't hurt.  Plus I was in a hurry that morning and did not have time to cover them.  Also I had the feeling that the sub was a little too wet and maybe more prone to anaerobic action.


I have also covered with foil poked with a few holes immediately after spawning and had great results.

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Posted 02 December 2019 - 10:37 AM

Makes sense. Something to keep in mind for me. Thanks.

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