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Help Me Save The Farm!

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Posted 16 October 2021 - 11:03 AM

Let me know if there are any opening for town fool?




I don't plan to retire for a long time yet, so be patient.



Dont sell yourself short, Bez....   Every farm needs a pit master :)...    :wub:


It looks like an absolutely wonderful place, and it makes me almost wish I didn't live in a different world, but......   I'm just too old to bet on a different horse now, and in reality I just don't think I could handle a move back to 'merica....  :meditate:


If I was in a position to move to a modern, civilized country I would do it in a heartbeat. Second best option is to live on the edges of it or as close to the edge of America as possible. Alaska certainly qualifies. Moving back to the lower 48 would be a move in the wrong direction IMO.




I still think weddings for all those city slickers that pretend to be country. Spiritual retreats and events. 

Commune would be amazing really difficult but they've worked in Israel for years. Just need the right group of people with varied skills and the same goals. Then elect me supreme ruler and I'll make sure we're all taken care of. 


That's a great idea, and can be added to a potential list of amenities that I envision including a digital detox "re-wilding" AirBnB off-grid cabin rental.


Describing shitty to non-existent cell coverage as a "digital detox back-to-nature experience!" sounds much more appealing than "Cabin has shitty cell service and you'll be pooping into an outdoor composting toilet by the light of your kerosene lamp (if you have to take a dump at night, that is)."


The only way I see a communal arrangement working long-term in such a context and not imploding within a few years is if someone bought an adjoining property (or several people bought several adjoining properties). The old-school commune concept didn't really survive the 70's for a reason (the Tragedy of the Commons, mostly). The ones that did and that endure to this day ended up resembling a Potemkin Village version of the very society they were formed to resist or be alternatives to, which is ironic as hell but also fascinating and suggests uncomfortable truths about our species. It seems to suggest that it (society) only works the way it is, depending on how you define "works."

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