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Pan Cam Dom. Sandoze - 10 year old print revival

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#1 PickleRick



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Posted 24 December 2019 - 05:17 AM

Hey folks,


I have a collection of prints from the year we lost Hippie3. I dont know which if any are actually from him but I am going to attempt reviving them one by one as a 10 year tribute to Hippie3 and Topia. Will be happy to share prints where successful. Lets get the ball rolling with some Pan Cambo's shall we..My only experience with Panaeolus is a Cinctulis grow that only yielded a small hand-full of very tiny fruits..been researching loads and think I know how to improve upon this..lets have a crack..


Here is an LC on its second day in a honey / dextrose blend..sitting around 29.5 C. The print used for sporesyringe was very faint btw. I'm not 100% sure what I'm looking for with this species so any feedback more then welcome. Saying that, I reckon it looks as if something decent is happening in there.


IMG_20191224_081714.jpg IMG_20191224_081716.jpg

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#2 FunG


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Posted 24 December 2019 - 08:37 AM

Rr discussed reviving a old spore print by using forced pressure (however that is done) to force water into the spores to get successful germination.

10yrs is a old spore print to be reviving, any difference between spore life longativity between species, will a p.cubensis still be viable after 10yrs opposed to the pan.c? Or vice versus.

I'm very much interested in branching out to try my hands at p.cyan's or are cyan and cinctulis two different species?
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#3 happy4nic8r


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Posted 25 December 2019 - 01:24 AM

What kind of water/sugar percentage did you shoot for? I missed the quantities maybe

Just getting them to go after 10 years is one challenge.


Any  I have attempted, and I had some H3 spores to work with once upon a time, have proven that old school shrooms respond to respect.

I can't say that it wasn't enough quantity of spores to mycelium sent to enough people that kept it going and passed it on, but I hope it has made a genetic swipe through the mycological barcode machine and maybe add something to the mix.


Mine faded to obscurity, I passed out a bunch of prints, then mine started having serious contamination issues that brought it crashing to its knees. Three years was the production run of that hybrid. 


I am interested in what you pursue, and will pull up an electric chair to view the tale. 

#4 RutgerHauer


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Posted 25 December 2019 - 03:34 AM

I'm very much interested in branching out to try my hands at p.cyan's or are cyan and cinctulis two different species?


Cinctulus is also active and in the Panaeolus family, but less potent than the Cyanescens. Still a very cool species to grow in my opinion, if I find one on my hunts I will definitely clone/spore print it. Such a beautiful species. (And very common all over the northern hemisphere)


Will try my hands on Cyans soon, have recently started a liquid culture from MS as well, next step is to buy some cow poop. :wink:


@PickleRick: So this is a Cambodian Panaeolus?

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#5 PickleRick



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Posted 25 December 2019 - 02:49 PM

Not sure this exact strain, but somewhere in eastern Asia I presume. I was actually under the impression it was a bred strain due to the name ( domesticate sandoze ).


4% sugars btw, 50/50 organic honey / dextrose powder. 960 ml water 40 ml/g sugars...just been reading up on antibiotics and peroxide, perhaps now a look at forced hydration. Realizing that I might need to up the game a tad to pull this off..syringe filters are mentioned in the vaults...they seem simple enough to use.


...I noticed the actual temps were off for those first 24-36 hrs..too cold then too hot..stuck a therm strip on a jar and all dialed in now, some cloudiness in one so hopes are thinner currently...thinking to somehow try cleaning remaining syringe and reboot.

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#6 PickleRick



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Posted 30 December 2019 - 12:14 PM

All 3 jars failed unfortunately.


Going to try some plates at some point but only have one small incubator so will be dialing temps back down for other species for the time being..I still have half of a syringe in the fridge but want to try to get my hands on some kanamycin and some 0.2 um syringe filters just to up the odds..I'll have to order this from US in January once my funds start to balance back out after the Xmas hit..until then this specific project is temporarily on hold. Stay tuned...



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