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New Years Eve; 2nd Trip

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Posted 02 January 2020 - 10:33 PM

New Years Eve - I went for my 2nd trip, this time 5.5 G.  I broke them up in a mortar/pestal, swallowed several spoonfuls (5.5G is a pretty good size pile) with the aid of fresh ginger tea to help swallow.  Kind of tough yet doable.

I waited about 15-20 min, I added 2 small hits of Cannabis.  Cannabis always seems to open my heart space.  It did its usual thing and I began to feel my heart soften.  I did some light stretching, I went outside in the dark and walked around in the grass.  I stated my intention of "Releasing the unwillingness to reach my full potential of highest good."  I repeated this several times.


This took me to about the 30-40 minute mark where I began to feel in my body and the visual sensation of "being further away".  Its almost like witnessing everything from a position further behind than what I "normally" see and feel.  The bodily sensation is somewhat like my body folding into itself with my chest area going inward.  Nothing bothersome at all.  Was the same way on my 1st.


I have noticed on both trips (1st was about 3.5G) what seems to feel like a blend of Cannabis (around my eyes and heady sensation) and also like being buzzed/drunk on alcohol.  Obviously I should feel something like Cannabis on this one because I added it in, but the 1st time I did not and also noticed the exact sensations.


Once I began to feel the effects for sure I gave my Wife a kiss and got some "good luck" and headed into a dark room.  I went with the "clinical setting" type of trip, dark (not a mask), lying down & headphones.  I chose to use some sound (Native American flute with some subtle nature sounds) as opposed to "music".  The sounds of the crow, crickets and night sounds were amazing!  It felt as if I was right there.  It was almost instantaneous that when I laid in the bed my body disappeared.  I quickly went into a conscious sleeplike state, very similar to spending a few hours inside of a float tank.  I saw maybe a few flashes of color but nothing vivid or memorable.


From this point I do not know exactly how long I was in there.  Like the last trip, this state of "gone" is met by the urge to pee.  I sat with this feeling and just witnessed it for as long as I could.  I almost did not care to move.  The feeling created some very interesting sensations while tripping, LOL.  I made my way up and into the bathroom.  The toilet seemed waaaay down there as I stood over it.  Back to lying down.


"Gone" again for sometime, I began to notice a "skip" in the sounds I chose thru my headphones so I decided to turn them off and just lay back.  I found myself talking out loud, half out of it, half aware of it.  Yawning, eyes heavily watering, sinus congestion.


I kept noticing the thought and saying out loud the phrase "Yeah, but you still have to get up."  The phrase "It still hasn't changed."


The 1st statement was about the search for a meaningful, fulfilling occupation that also earns a nice income.  I have not found this and so "You still have to get up" and go make money doing something that does not fuel my Soul. This was nothing "Mystical" just an awareness of why I kept saying it.


The 2nd statement was coming back to a sense of reality in regards to my Daughters health experience that she is going through again after an almost 2 year reprieve for us all.  


I found myself later laughing hysterically to possibly the point of passing out about my Wife coming to look in on me for all of the talking I was doing.

I was fascinated with yelling loudly "HEY" in a low mono-tone way.  I have no clue as to what this was about.


Eventually I began to get pretty hungry and this sensation had risen to the top of the experience.  I tried several times to convince myself to get up but felt to good just being nothing in the bed.


I had a few thoughts and feelings of "judgement" of spending my time in this room doing mushrooms instead of connecting with friends on NYE.  Judgement around being an "Adult" and doing this.  I was able to look through this pretty well though.  All of this I presume was just the Ego coming back online to "Head of Awareness".


I got up and came out of the room.  It was a little after 10pm (1st signs came on around 6:20 - 6:30pm) I was still pretty body heavy and "away" feeling.  I still had the giggles.  I ended up just sitting with my Wife for a while, trying to remember anything with strong meaning, anything that might have been "transcending".  I ate a bit and got myself ready for a nights sleep.  I had a difficult time falling asleep.  My body was having "waves" of sensation sort of like restless leg syndrome.  The need to move and stretch.  I have felt this before during meditations and float tank experiences.  Its like my body is trying to go to sleep but conscious thinking is still running in the background.  I finally made it to sleep with a handful of waking up through the night.  The next morning, again, I had a pretty stout headache just like the first trip.  The headache seemed to linger all day.  By late afternoon it just seemed like a sinus congestion type of headache.  Very similar to a hangover in my experience the day after both trips. Both trips felt so similar to being intoxicated with alcohol.


End of story,  I have experienced nothing that I would consider "mystical", "transcending" or revisiting/reprogramming past "traumas" from either trip so far, just what I would describe as "Gone", "deep sedation".  I had hoped this would be the case, however not yet.

During the trips, especially the 2nd being a higher dose, I am so "gone" that I have very little awareness or ability to do anything let alone think about anything.  I am just along for the ride.  I cannot even fathom being up and moving around and trying to function in any sort of way while under.

All in all, 5.5G was slow, peaceful and way stronger than 3.5G.


I will keep at it and perhaps the next time I will do it outside during the day perhaps and see what that experience has in store.


Thanks for reading if you did.



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Posted 02 January 2020 - 11:23 PM

sometimes being 'just along for the ride' is right where you are meant to be. the breaking of egoic wall one brick at a time

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Posted 03 January 2020 - 12:15 AM

Nirvana is where you are, provided you dont object to it - alan watts
Another good AW quote.
Maybe youre just thinking about it and expecting something mystical to happen a little too hard.
Perhaps you should wait a while ponder on these 2 trips and then go into the next one in a great setting expecting absolutely nothing.

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