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Tea tek, what went wrong?

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#1 elunicotomas



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Posted 14 January 2020 - 12:03 PM

Hi there,


Two weeks ago my gf, her brother and me decided to drink some mushroom tea, they've never tried shrooms and the only time I tried them was in a chocolate I made (w 3gr. dried mush.) with a friend and altough it was an amaizing trip I had this nausea all the time and felt realy sick most of the trip. After some googling around this, I decided to make some tea, 3 cups with 3grams of dried mushrooms each. And it did nothing.


This is exactly what I did.


1) we had a light dinner at around 10pm, it was a perfect summer night

2) boil water

2) put the water with 2 tea bags in a Stanley bottle  

3) went to the beach (5 minutes walk)

4) put in each of the cups the mushrooms, and pour the tea from the bottle

5) waited 20 minutes, and we drank the teas they were almost cold (I also eat some of the mushrooms just to feel the taste)


We waited and in about 15 minutes i started to feel lightheaded so I thought "ok this is going perfect" but that was the only thing I felt, my gf said that she was seeing the stars a bit closer, her brother the same as me. We waited 1 hr and nothing, 30 more minutes and nothing, we had some beers and went back home. 


Maybe the fact that this was January 3rd, and on the night of December 31 (3 days earlier) we droped some acid and because of the cross tolerance, but it was just a little, my gf 1/4 tab, her brother and me 1/2 tab.


Maybe the mushrooms are "old"? I harvested them in April, they are stored in a vacuum sealed bag....


A friend told me that the hot tea breaks the psylocibin but I've already googled that and i know it's not the case, but he's convinced on that....


Any ideas?



#2 Oneyedraven



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Posted 14 January 2020 - 01:57 PM

I’m no expert on this by any stretch but it’s my understanding and the way it has worked for me is that the tea is more of an ongoing simmer than a traditional steep (heat then cool)

The psilocybin degrades in the presence of oxygen so it’s important to pre boil the water to “degas” it of its oxygen. Internet search for how to degas water should provide some step by step instructions.

Once the water has been degassed then add the ground up mushrooms
And simmer for 30 min. Then strain let cool etc. gotta keep an eye on it while simmering though to make sure all the water does not evaporate burnt mushroom muck is not a smell I want to ever smell lol

The tricky part is not starting with too much water so there’s not a huge amount to drink. Well unless you LIKE the taste

So adjust water according to dosage and # of participants.

I add lime/or lemon just to hedge my bets for extraction as well as some elderberry tea and honey (elderberry is a mild MAOI inhibitor) so it’s supposed to act as a mild extender.

I chase the mushroom tea with a small glass of chocolate milk which some report helps as well. At least it makes the taste go away.

As a side note as long as you’re not currently taking a prescription SSRI
The addition of an l-tryptophan supplement for a few days / weeks prior
To the trip is a bit of insurance for making sure you have enough raw materials in your system / brain so the mushrooms can work their magic. It’s an
Serotonin precursor and the psychedelics jack with that for some.

FWIW - I’ve Also found that adding citicoline and huperzine a (OTC supplements) prior to the trip helps to fend off the post trip headaches.

Safe travels my friend
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#3 wharfrat


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Posted 14 January 2020 - 02:06 PM

i usually take my shrooms with tea. i just do a steep in hot water. It helps to add a little extra if you plan on tossing the mushrooms, not so much if you eat them with the tea. 


so for 3 people you will want atleast 10g dry. more if you tossed the mushroom.. hot water will not extract all the goodies, a simmer like above mentioned might help that but i have never tried, i just add an extra .5-1g per dose


i have had mushrooms for several years in a ziplock and still was just as potent, so i don't think that was the issue


add a little citrus to the tea also helps, lemon juice

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#4 elunicotomas



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Posted 14 January 2020 - 03:50 PM

I used 9 gr total, 3gr each. I'll try with lemon next time!

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#5 Oneyedraven



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Posted 31 January 2020 - 12:32 PM

Recipe update recently did a comparison (human subject not lab equipment lol) of lime juice vs. citric acid , same grow. , same dosage using 1/2 tsp of citric acid (used in canning) per 8oz degassed h20 resulted in increased effectiveness by 50-60% this surpassed the same amount of lime juice. Since lime/lemon juice is basically diluted citric acid elimination of the additional fluid added via juice and using (dry) concentrated citric acid makes sense. Method used- pre boiled h20, 6 oz , 1/2 tsp dry citric acid, then add ground cubensis.
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