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30w LED PC-case grow

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#1 dead head jed

dead head jed

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Posted 26 January 2020 - 04:39 PM

finally have had some time to settle in and get some projects underway. 

Started building this case about a year ago. Only had a few hours here and there to work on different pieces but finally got things together and tested. The exhaust fan I originally had on it was too small so I had to pick up a bigger one, which I'm glad I did because the 120v plug and built in speed controller made things a good bit easier space wise. 


Strain is Malawi gold

Soil is a mix of store bought potting soil, fresh worm castings, perlite and sand.

Been watering with "Age Old" nutes every other watering

Plan is to watch for first sign of amber trichomes then switch to plain water for a week or 2 then chop

Trying to figure out what to do from there as I am mostly interested in making edibles, so not sure I want to go through the whole curing process


She got a bit heat stressed (almost killed her) in the first weeks b/c I forgot to turn the fan speed back up. From there she was vegged at 18/6 for about a month before switching to 12/12 around Christmas. I've done a shitty job of keeping track of dates. Buds are not as dense as i'd hoped and really just starting to grow some decent trichs in the last week or 2. Not sure if it is just the land-race genetics or if its my amateur growing skills


that said.. any thoughts or advice any of you old timers have I'd be happy to hear it.

Pics of case and older pics (sorry about the sideways pics, can't figure out how to straighten them, they all are correctly oriented in the folder)

InkedIMG_3876_LI.jpg InkedIMG_3874 (1)_LI.jpg IMG_3877.JPG IMG_3855.JPG IMG_4066.JPG IMG_4072.JPG IMG_4081.JPG IMG_4101.JPG


Currently at day 37 ( I think of flower)

IMG_2027.JPG IMG_2038.JPG

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#2 Rhyno



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Posted 29 January 2020 - 12:17 PM

Looks like you are rolling along just fine.  PC grows can be complicated and you are showing you have more than risen to the challenge.  I like how you have your case laid out and the magnet closure is a killer idea.  I am curious about two things .... What are you using for a light and am I correct in thinking you are not doing anything for smell?

#3 dead head jed

dead head jed

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Posted 31 January 2020 - 09:36 PM

Ya its proving to be a bit of a challenge, just having to adjust as things go along. Luckily this stuff grows like a weed and can take a fair amount of abuse.


the light is a 30w outdoor flood light. The brand is Stasun like this , but I distinctly remember they they were using CREE chips when I bought mine. Stats were 6 x 5w chips pushing out 2700lm @ 3000k

I pried the cover off thinking it would make it brighter, but kind of wish I had left it on because I can definitely see a few spots where the plants look a little bleached directly under a few of the chips. 


As for the smell.. I have a 120mm mini-blower ( ) and it is pulling through a home made filter packed with about 1.5" of activated charcoal chips. I originally had a 75mm mini-blower and it could not keep it below 90*, so I had to pull it off and get the bigger one. I liked this one because it has a normal 120v plug and it comes with an inline voltage regulator so I can tune the speed/noise as needed. Even with that light just 2-3" from the metal top you can't feel even the slightest bit of heat.


here is a good pic of the light / filter setup (the filter was modified after this pic was taken to allow more flow)





The body of the filter is plastic ice cream pint. The bottom was cut off and I hot glued some landscaping fabric on the inside, and a piece of wire mesh on the outside to give it some support. It was loaded with charcoal chips and topped with a piece of 2mm foam and another piece of wire mesh to keep the foam from getting sucked through the hole.




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#4 dead head jed

dead head jed

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Posted 31 January 2020 - 10:09 PM

Plant update... week 5 of flower... looks pretty much the same

I did a bit of pruning and training the other day to get that one branch back under the light, and trimmed off a few leaves that were shading out other flowers 

I was also reading a bit at the icmag infirmary and realized that I believe my little gal is suffering a bit from some nute burn. I say this because I noticed that almost all of the leaves and especially the new ones were curled or cupped under like a claw. From what I was reading it is probably Nitrogen that is the issue due to the very light green new growth and the very dark green older growth.

I think what had happened is, I had been cycling the waterings between plain filtered water and nutes (@~2tbls/gal). My normally watering was just pouring ~100ml around the top of the soil at a time, until I saw a good bit of run off in the tray (cloth pot is sitting on some pea gravel so it has ~1/4" clearance from the tray). I think my issue was I was just letting the run off sit in the tray. Anything that still touched the pot would eventually get wicked in, and anything in the tray would just evaporate, leaving the salts. So I think what had happened was the catch tray was basically turning into a salt bath that was then getting wicked into the pot after watering. 

This also prompted me to pull out my PH test strips and test my filtered water I was using... It was between 5.5 and 6. So I mixed some filtered water with a tiny bit of baking soda to a PH ~7 and poured about 4 cups worth of water through the pot. This time I sucked up the run off with a syringe and tossed it (PH was still around 6). My plan is to do this a few more time before feeding, and continue using baking soda adjusted water until I can get the run off to be ~6.5-7. 






Does this sounds like a solid plan? What do you guys thing about my diagnosis? 

Last question is what do you guys think of those soil PH/Moisture/light probes like this , 

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