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Help! Please!

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#1 chantellejepson95



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Posted 02 March 2020 - 07:26 PM

Could someone please help me. I have over watered this plant. I bottom fed some Bokashi tea and gave it a bit up top and have now put this beautiful cactus into critical condition. I realized I should not have been watering. The plant was shriveling however and I thought it could use a boost. Thus morning I have it a lil squeeze and was horrified to find her soft and now damaged from the area I grabbed. I got her out the soil and found it damp and this would have been fof a few days now. I paid alot for this cactus and would be heartbroken to lose it. She has a php which feels soft but it's all green but weeping like crazy. I've had her wrapped in a cloth all day under a light. But I feel the situation is going to worse. Could someone please help me? I dont think I have much time.

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#2 coorsmikey



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Posted 02 March 2020 - 08:14 PM

Cut the pup off before the rot gets to it. Maybe you can salvage that at least. Cut with a sterile razor and let the wound scab or dry out before trying to root it again. Leave the big one alone in a cool not so well lit area to dry out too and see if the rot stops spreading. I think it's toast but maybe it will pull though. Some might even suggest that you cut away the goo and let it scab. I would try and save the pup while you can though. Some other will probably chime in with more ideas on the mom.


If it makes you feel any better, a lot of us have murdered a few lophs while learning to care for them. It's programmed into us from a young age that watering a plant is loving it. It's first instinct to water when we should be reading up on how to care for cacti like these.

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#3 Alpoehi



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Posted 03 March 2020 - 06:47 AM

What a cute cactus!

You may try this before following advice from coorsmikey, which I think is best to do and I bet others will confirm that.


But you have nothing to loose right now ...


Get some H2O2 3% solution. Pharmacies or drug stores should sell it.

Give 3 ml of that 3% solution to 1 l of water.


Spray the whole thing with that solution and let it dry soon afterwards on a towel or something that soaks in the liquid.

Observe in the following hours carefully what is going on.


If going better - repeat treatment 6 hours later.


If not - get the razor blade out (disinfect it with a flame before cutting ...)


The H2O2 brings oxygen to the roots and kills bacteria and a small variety of fungi.

Especially when watering plants too much, it helps them recover.


I must admit, in your case it's too late for applying really, but why not give it a go?

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#4 Boebs



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Posted 03 March 2020 - 11:56 AM

Definitely cut the pup off, it is still looking healthy.

You mayy be able to save the main plant,
Surgery is most likely the only way.
Very carefully cut away all of the rotting tissue and just a little of healthy tissue.
I would sterilize the cut with rubbing alcohol and place in a shady area with decent air movment.
As long as the rot didnt get to the center it could survive.
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#5 chantellejepson95



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Posted 04 March 2020 - 12:52 AM

Thank you all, for all your help! I appreciate your time and knowledge.
The pup is not doing so great now, either. I didn't even really have to hack it off. This pup just separated with a light tap of force with the knife. Its totally soft. So tonight I was at it again, unfortunately.
I got about 12 different pieces drying atm; all covered in sulphur, so I'll check back with them in a few wks and reassess the damage. I'll be surprised though, if anything actually roots.
Oh, and the rubbing alcohol tactic was done. However, I used cinnamon; which was quite effective at drying up the weeping sap.
Hard lesson learned. Dont ever water cactus between Oct and Feb. The life of your cactus literally depends on it.

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#6 Boebs



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Posted 04 March 2020 - 08:43 AM

Soft is not always a bad thing, when they get thirsty they get soft, they can dramatically shrivel up and swell back up after a little water.
Cinnamon is a great way to dry the wound after alchohol.
It a disinfectant and also a root stimulator.

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