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What the Pandemic is Revealing

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Posted 05 April 2020 - 11:49 PM

4 minutes:


[Direct Link]



For my fellow coincidence theorists (timing is everything):  October 18, 2019 -- Event 201:



The 2019 Military World Games, officially known as the 7th CISM Military World Games and commonly known as Wuhan 2019, was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei, China.



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Posted 06 April 2020 - 12:09 AM

So, after the "Anonymous" man or woman in the Guy Fawkes SonyTM mask spent most of the video telling us interesting (if one had never heard it before) information about Rockefeller, they went on to compare Ivy Lee's collaboration with the Nazi's to Microsoft's anti-trust suit? That's dubious at best.


Then I had to wait til about 3:10 seconds in to a 3:30 second video to hear anything remotely interesting (if one had never heard it before) but lacking in any substantive analysis? People really need to be doing a better job of building a case...if they are capable. Not that it's possible in a 3 minute video. This shit is weak.  

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Posted 06 April 2020 - 03:21 PM

So, after the "Anonymous" man or woman in the Guy Fawkes SonyTM mask


Fawkes is out as far as counter-culture masks of copyrighted and trademarked images go.


Dali is in.


It's owned by Netflix, which is arguably better than those Sony fuckers:





I really like the show it came from (La Casa de Papel, aka "Money Heist," which is a terrible title compared to the original Spanish). If Anonymous ever decides to get hard-core and pull some truly heavy-duty stuff that makes a real difference rather than mostly posting cryptic and ominous videos with low production values then they should switch to the Dali mask IMO.


It took most people a long time to catch on to just how subversive that show is. I was not pleased to see them using a method for making untraceable cell phone calls that I came up with on my own back in the flip-phone days (that I only told a few people about), but I guess that secret has been out for a while either way so it was only a matter of time before it would appear in a TV show, lol. But it still works anyway, fortunately.

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Posted 07 April 2020 - 12:37 PM

How does one check for authenticity of a video from a group such as anonymous?  It seems like a loose collection of people at best


Do they have a pgp encryption key we can verify it with? :tongue:


There has to be a tidal wave of you tube copycats out there that would love to pretend to be part of it

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Posted 07 April 2020 - 12:59 PM

I think I would prefer a Snidely Whiplash mask.... but I'm probably being old fashioned.

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Posted 07 April 2020 - 06:56 PM

Writing posts like this is probably better than just seething with anger at so much suicidal and homicidal stupidity. Though I don't really care about the suicidal stupidity since they're such freedom-loving folk.


Anyway... enormous amounts of breathtaking stupidity continue to be revealed by recent events, though in many cases we're just being reminded of massive stupidity that we temporarily forgot about, like that Ammon Bundy dipshit.


Vegas should set up a way to place bets on whether Bundy and his flock of Fundie-dummies with magic underwear end up dead from the virus they're about to infect themselves with (at the big gathering they're calling for at church this coming Easter, of course and assuming they don't already have it) or if he and some of the buck-toothed redneck neo-Fascist retards* who follow him will end up dying of acute traumatic lead poisoning thanks to the violent, pro-insurrection rhetoric they're spouting again, probably partly thanks to being empowered by the Feds' backing down at the Wildlife Refuge standoff.


My money is on lead poisoning. They seem to be whipping themselves up into an increasingly-paranoid reactionary frenzy faster than the amount of time the virus takes to incubate.


That said, I suspected at the time of the standoff that they were let go and ultimately acquitted precisely in order to give them the false confidence to do something monumentally-stupid that will definitely be their unambiguous downfall.


I imagine that they got a lot of supporters flocking to join their cause back then and that a significant percentage of those new followers were undercover informants, like was the case during and after the months-long search for Eric Rudolph in Western North Carolina (also a regional hotbed of anti-gov't sentiment and right next to where I was living at the time, so I saw some real sketchy shit the gov't was pulling).


Bundy & (almost all of) his friends still being alive after that standoff makes no sense otherwise, considering how the Feds tend to respond when people who are part of an avowed anti-gov't militia group start pointing rifles at them.





This is what's brewing in Idaho:




Ten bucks says he can't define "Plutocrat" if asked, lol. And why capitalize "pedophile?" Yeah, never mind.






I'm sick a tire of functional illiteracy among those who don't understand even basic High School-level science well enough to criticize it. And I hope Pat manages to convince his or her ass to stay home, and that his or her (it's Pat!) concern doesn't get too long or stay too long. Or something.


Anyway, I bet Pat, Laurence-with-a-u, a boy named Searle, and Bill are armed to the fucking teeth, which is going to be ironically-hilarious if they die in their un-attacked bunkers of the virus, like is actually starting to happen among those who laughed it off as a hoax and are now dead.



Case in point:



A Texas woman who mocked the coronavirus pandemic on Facebook as a media hoax has died from COVID-19 two weeks later.


The pandemic is “controlled” by “radical people in powerful places,” Karen Kolbe Sehlke posted. She also added that “cross stitching accidents” have “probably” killed more people than the virus that’s killing thousands of people worldwide.


“With deep sadness and Broken Hearts we share with you that Karen Kolb Sehlke, a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend to all that knew her, went to be with our Lord when she passed away unexpectedly Thursday, April 2, 2020,” her friends wrote in a GoFundMe appeal to cover her burial costs.


“Karen became very sick and was admitted to the hospital near her home in Tomball Tx earlier this week. She fought hard until her body just could not fight anymore. Karen was a BRIGHT LIGHT, the LIFE of the party, an amazing friend, but above this a hands on, caring, loving mom and devoted wife.”


Sehlke was a Donald Trump supporter who bought into the GOP messaging that the pandemic was being politicized and overblown in an effort to hurt the president’s re-election chances.


“If you think for one second this ‘pandemic’ is not media driven, and controlled by the radical people in powerful places… well… go back to sleep under the rock you crawled out from,” she wrote. “Wake up!!! This is what the beginning of socialism looks like!”


“They are crashing the stock market to run on a failing economy, because it’s all they have left,” she added.


“You don’t need hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and Lysol. You need common sense, a sense of direction, faith, a will to fight, and of course guns!”



The passage asking for food was removed along with the acknowledgement that Sehlke had died from the virus she’d just mocked. There was no update on the health of her husband and two sons.




Those damned Socialists are just staging a hoax in order to take away her rights and freedumbs!


Oops, guess it wasn't a hoax after all. So can everybody now please donate to pay for her funeral while trying not to think about the incredible irony? I mean, her name was even "Karen" ffs. Almost sounds like a hoax of a story, but it's not. And I'm related to a Karen, though she is fortunately not a "Karen."


Her GoFundMe page got a lot of donations (over $35K!), but only because she's one of the earliest of such idiots to die. Once reality catches up to them they'll start dying by the score. That will probably begin by the end of this month. The John Birch Society is all about opposing this oppressive gov't overreach, so we can expect viral attrition to finally relieve the world of their baffling presence as well.


So it's not all bad news, nor is it callous to think so about the demise of arrogantly-dense ignorant fuckwits who are getting other people killed as well because their disregard for self-isolating (etc.) is equivalent to a drunk driver committing a multiple-fatality hit-and-run but who then ends up wrapping their car around a tree and getting killed while trying to leave the scene and take no responsibility. The only sad thing about that would be the deaths of the innocent victims and the damage to the tree.




*"Retard" is not a PC-term to use and hasn't been for a while, but my use of the term is not intended to disparage the developmentally-disabled since they have been referred to as "developmentally disabled" for a long time at this point whereas "retard" still seems fully applicable to retards like Bundy. Plus we need words like that for describing people like this that don't sound like pretentious synonyms that mean the same goddamned thing.

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Posted 08 April 2020 - 01:26 PM

A whole lot to chew on in this piece. I've often envisioned other directions my life could've taken and in one of those directions I would've loved to collaborate with people to design and teach (and continue learning) media literacy, especially in the realm of geopolitics (which is pretty much everything) and history and their intersection. Articles like this are a gold mine.


I obviously can't know exactly what it all means but it's interesting to pick apart. On it's face, it's basically just throwing the Trump administration under the bus for it's slow reaction to intelligence it had been given. A closer read shows that it pretty much throws the entirety of the government under that bus - rightly so. The executive is absolutely and unsurprisingly mishandled this but lead Democrats, who were so concerned about being PC around hurting the Chinese government's feelings, are equally criminally inept...hopefully to the surprise of nobody. Speaking of the Chinese government, the sources of this story and leak made sure to land a nice shot across their bow, as well, also deservedly so. Not that we can even be positive that this alleged intelligence report may not have been retroactively created.


I wonder why this has been leaked now? Notice btw, that some leaks aren't criminally prosecuted? After all "sources say" is just another way of describing a leak. But that phrase is the cover for when a leak is acceptable to the intelligence community. This report seems to be targeting that the danger posed by inaction was going to directly affect the Pentagon. I would also describe the DIA and CIA as self-proclaimed "protagonists" in this story.


We can also rest knowing the good folks at ABC News are getting clear, unadulterated reporting from folks with nothing to gain from slanting their stories like,

former Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary Mick Mulroy, now an ABC News contributor





ABC News contributor John Cohen, who used to oversee intelligence operations at the Department of Homeland Security


Of course it's not just ABC who uses "former" officials as their "contributors", all networks do this. After all, what would our news look like without all these "expert" opinions avaiable?


Intelligence report warned of coronavirus crisis as early as November: Sources

As far back as late November, U.S. intelligence officials were warning that a contagion was sweeping through China’s Wuhan region, changing the patterns of life and business and posing a threat to the population, according to four sources briefed on the secret reporting.


Concerns about what is now known to be the novel coronavirus pandemic were detailed in a November intelligence report by the military's National Center for Medical Intelligence (NCMI), according to two officials familiar with the document’s contents.


The report was the result of analysis of wire and computer intercepts, coupled with satellite images. It raised alarms because an out-of-control disease would pose a serious threat to U.S. forces in Asia -- forces that depend on the NCMI’s work. And it paints a picture of an American government that could have ramped up mitigation and containment efforts far earlier to prepare for a crisis poised to come home.


"Analysts concluded it could be a cataclysmic event," one of the sources said of the NCMI’s report. "It was then briefed multiple times to" the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon’s Joint Staff and the White House.


From that warning in November, the sources described repeated briefings through December for policy-makers and decision-makers across the federal government as well as the National Security Council at the White House. All of that culminated with a detailed explanation of the problem that appeared in the President’s Daily Brief of intelligence matters in early January, the sources said. For something to have appeared in the PDB, it would have had to go through weeks of vetting and analysis, according to people who have worked on presidential briefings in both Republican and Democratic administrations.


"The timeline of the intel side of this may be further back than we’re discussing," the source said of preliminary reports from Wuhan. "But this was definitely being briefed beginning at the end of November as something the military needed to take a posture on."


The NCMI report was made available widely to people authorized to access intelligence community alerts. Following the report’s release, other intelligence community bulletins began circulating through confidential channels across the government around Thanksgiving, the sources said. Those analyses said China’s leadership knew the epidemic was out of control even as it kept such crucial information from foreign governments and public health agencies.


"It would be a significant alarm that would have been set off by this," former Deputy Assistant Defense Secretary Mick Mulroy, now an ABC News contributor, said of the NCMI report. "And it would have been something that would be followed up by literally every intelligence-collection agency."


Mulroy, who previously served as a senior official at the CIA, said NCMI does serious work that senior government leaders do not ignore.


"Medical intelligence takes into account all source information -- imagery intelligence, human intelligence, signals intelligence," Mulroy said. "Then there’s analysis by people who know those specific areas. So for something like this to have come out, it has been reviewed by experts in the field. They’re taking together what those pieces of information mean and then looking at the potential for an international health crisis."


NCMI is a component of the Pentagon's Defense Intelligence Agency. Together, the agencies’ core responsibilities are to ensure U.S. military forces have the information they need to carry out their missions -- both offensively and defensively. It is a critical priority for the Pentagon to keep American service members healthy on deployments.


Asked about the November warning last Sunday on ABC’s "This Week," Defense Secretary Mark Esper told Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos, "I can't recall, George. But we have many people who watch this closely. We have the premier infectious disease research institute in America, within the United States Army. So, our people who work these issues directly watch this all the time."


Pressing the secretary, Stephanopoulos asked, "So, you would have known if there was briefed to the National Security Council in December, wouldn't you?"

Esper said, "Yes. I'm not aware of that."

.@Gstephanopoulos: "Did the Pentagon receive an intelligence assessment on COVID in China last November from the National Center for Medical Intelligence?"

Defense Sec. Mark Esper: "I can’t recall, George, but we have many people that watch this closely."

— ABC News (@ABC) April 5, 2020

The Pentagon, White House National Security Council and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence each declined to comment Tuesday.


Critics have charged the Trump administration with being flat-footed and late in its response to a pandemic that, after sweeping through Wuhan and then parts of Europe, has now killed more than 12,000 in the U.S.


For his part, President Donald Trump has alternated between taking credit for early action and claiming that the coronavirus was a surprise to him and everyone else. He has repeatedly touted his Jan. 31 decision to restrict air travel with China, but at the same time, he spent weeks telling the public and top administration officials that there was nothing for Americans to fear.


On Jan. 22, for instance, Trump made his first comments about the virus when asked in a CNBC interview, "Are there worries about a pandemic at this point?" The president responded, "No. Not at all. And we have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China, and we have it under control. It’s going to be just fine."


As late as Feb. 19, Trump was offering positive reviews for the way China’s leaders had handled the coronavirus.


"I'm confident that they're trying very hard," Trump told an interviewer from Fox 10 in Phoenix. "They're working it -- they built, they built a hospital in seven days, and now they're building another one. I think it's going to work out fine."


It was not until March 13 when Trump declared a national emergency and mobilized the vast resources of the federal government to help public-health agencies deal with the crisis that was poised to crash on to the homeland.


If it were true that America’s spy agencies were caught that off guard, one intelligence official told ABC News, "that would be a massive intel failure on the order of 9/11. But it wasn’t. They had the intelligence."


ABC News contributor John Cohen, who used to oversee intelligence operations at the Department of Homeland Security, said even the best information would be of no use if officials do not act on it.


"When responding to a public health crisis or any other serious security threat, it is critical that our leaders react quickly and take steps to address the threat identified in the intelligence reporting," said Cohen, the former acting undersecretary of DHS. "It’s not surprising to me that the intelligence community detected the outbreak; what is surprising and disappointing is that the White House ignored the clear warning signs, failed to follow established pandemic response protocols and were slow to put in place a government-wide effort to respond to this crisis."


ABC News' Katherine Faulders, Luis Martinez and Terrance Smith contributed to this report.



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Posted 08 April 2020 - 08:05 PM

Articles like that reinforce my growing sense of certainty that the pandemic was not man-made but that the curiously consistent and staggeringly inept response of so many world leaders who seem to be as sociopathic and Narcissistic as Trump was not an accident or merely incompetence, either.

Judging by the consistently-horrendous judgment of so many people at the highest levels of so many governments, it seems entirely plausible that they actually believe that they can drag their feet long enough to cull many of what they’d no doubt consider to be “useless eaters” from the world’s population with a degree of plausible deniability while also believing that they can manage it well enough to prevent a global economic collapse that would take them down, too. A side-effect of empowered sociopathy or Narcissism is boundless arrogance, which is bad news for all life on Earth (not just our civilization).

I consider it entirely plausible that some folks are ready, willing, and able to risk civilization itself just to make even more money and gain even more power (which are addictions, not goals; there is no “finish line” or anything that will convince them they have enough and it’s time to stop, so they must BE stopped). And an old adage of business is “no risk, no reward,” so they may be assuming that allowing a pandemic to burn through the world may lead to their reaping the biggest rewards of all time.

This is why I’ve long called for doing whatever it takes to keep diagnosed Sociopaths and/or Narcissists out of positions of power (elected or corporate). When someone lacking any compassion or empathy is addicted to something like money or power, we would reasonably expect them to behave exactly like many world leaders are currently behaving.

No amount of death and destruction will ever trump (so to speak) their constant craving for a fix of more money and more power. Neither will therapy, or drugs. Like viruses, those traits are mostly incurable. So the focus needs to be on preventing governments (and corporate Boards) from becoming infected by those who are afflicted by such cognitive deficiencies in the first place and removing those who are from any positions of power or authority.

I don’t think it’s outrageous or “going too far” to demand that no one be entrusted with power and authority over human beings (in any context) who lacks any empathy or compassion for human beings (though being a human being myself makes me a bit biased). Advances in medical imaging and genetic testing appear to be reliably capable of telling us if someone has (for example) white matter connectivity issues, or genetic markers correlated with Sociopathy and/or Narcissism.

There’s a gene called the “oxytocin receptor gene” and we can have either the pro-social variant of it or …the other one. Possessing the other one should probably automatically preclude someone from being able to hold elected office (among other things). More studies and a lot of work needs to be done before such testing can be mandated before running for office or whatever, but it seems like it would be the best money ever spent on scientific research and development considering the amount of power someone like a sitting U.S. President has (remember “the button?” Or is it “the football” now? Good god I sure hope there's just a literal football in that briefcase and not the actual launch codes that we're probably all trying not to think about Trump having access to).


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Posted 09 April 2020 - 10:53 AM

'Never Seen Anything Like It’: Cars Line Up for Miles at Food Banks

In Omaha, a food pantry that typically serves as few as 100 people saw 900 show up on a single day. In Jonesboro, Ark., after a powerful tornado struck, a food bank received less than half the donations it expected because nervous families held on to what they had. And in Washington State and Louisiana, the National Guard has been called in to help pack food boxes and ensure that the distributions run smoothly.

Demand for food assistance is rising at an extraordinary rate, just as the nation’s food banks are being struck by shortages of both donated food and volunteer workers.
Uniformed guardsmen help “take the edge off” at increasingly tense distributions of boxes filled with cans of chicken noodle soup, tuna fish, and pork and beans, said Mike Manning, the chief executive at the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. “Their presence provides safety for us during distributions.”

Mr. Manning, who has worked at the food bank for 16 years, including through Hurricane Katrina, said that he had never witnessed such a combination of need, scarcity and anxiety. “‘Crazy’ pretty much sums it up,” he said.

Adding to the problem, school closings across the country mean that many families who relied on free or subsidized school breakfasts and lunches to keep their children fed are facing even greater need.
[...] banks are buying what they used to receive for nothing.

At Food Bank for the Heartland in Omaha, the amount of food donated for March dropped by nearly half. The food bank typically purchases $73,000 of food in a month this time of year but has spent $675,000 in the past four weeks.

In New York City, where more than 19 billion pounds of food are distributed under normal circumstances, and the virus poses an enormous test to the system, 49 percent of respondents to a recent Siena College poll in the city said they were concerned about being able to afford food.

The delivery truck had enough boxes of food — produce, bread and milk — for 200 vehicles. Some 400 showed up. Ms. Smrcka recalled feeling apprehensive at the prospect of walking car to car with nothing more than a flier describing alternative resources, thinking she might get yelled at.

But that’s not what happened. “After sitting in their car for an hour and not receiving any food, they still said thank you,” she said, recalling in particular a father who had left work early and picked up his three daughters, and who departed empty-handed.

He said that he saw no relief in sight. “What we do today has to be repeated again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day,” Mr. Scott said. “Hungry people are hungry each and every day.”

The math is getting pretty scary.

How long until the (still-working!) father of three hungry young children stops being civil and polite about being unable to obtain food for them?

What happens when tens of millions of parents reach that point, on top of the tens of millions who were already at that point before the pandemic began?

It appears that we're going to find out.

Meanwhile, homicidal self-righteous retards are freaking out about being able to go to church this Sunday and are apparently locking and loading in preparation to defend their freedumb to sicken their friends and relatives (thereby killing a few) for Jesus. A friend of mine gave me some shit about calling groups like Bundy's fundies with magic undies "retards" but when I asked him for a better adjective everything he came up with meant the exact same thing but just used more syllables. He's apparently okay with the other phrasings I used, lol.

Incidentally, the reason why the intellectuals and rational thinking-types are routinely purged in uprisings of empowered populist ignorance (i.e., mobs of retards) is because they hesitate to dispense with diplomacy/compromise soon enough to mount an effective resistance to the rise of hungry mobs who have no interest in rational thought, diplomacy, or compromise. It gets even worse if those mobs are organized and armed. I try to maintain a bit of primal barbarism in my temperament, which helps me read the signs of when it's time to get the hell away from the actual barbarian hordes and also helps ensure I don't hesitate when the time comes to not hesitate to protect myself if confronted by them.

I imagine that street gangs will be the issue of concern in most urban areas rather than redneck militias, but it's basically the same problem since gangs and militias are the only civilian groups around with organizational structure, a chain of command, and lots of weapons.

Once the rule of law breaks down, suburbs will be where the gangs come from the cities to "hunt and gather" and the militias come from the country to do the same. So the folks living in the suburbs might see battles between rednecks and gangsters over who gets to plunder their neighborhoods, though that would only happen if the situation has deteriorated to the point where an irrecoverable economic tipping point is crossed (which may take up to another year; hard to say).

We won't know exactly where that tipping point is until we've crossed it, unfortunately. And if you're not already where you need to be when that occurs (i.e., somewhere such groups aren't going to go) then you're fucked.

Being too nice for too long in certain conditions (or not fleeing a bad spot in time) can get you killed (or worse), as anyone who reads a little history knows.

If what needs to be done to prevent a full-blown humanitarian and refugee crisis within the U.S. isn't done ASAP then many of us will find ourselves real deep in those conditions fairly soon. I hope I'm wrong about everything, but so far the only thing I've gotten wrong about where the world was likely headed is the timing; I didn't really expect the world to be at this point until 2023 at the earliest even though others who are much better tuned in to such things than I am had warned it might be sooner.

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Posted 09 April 2020 - 12:59 PM

I am at the end of a six+ mile dead end with numerous redneck hunters between here and the highway.  Behind me is hundreds of square miles of timber company logging hills, which I am quite familiar with, though to winter out there would probably kill me.  Everyone around here is armed to the teeth, and when the cities empty, they will have to get past all those guys down the road, who, when the SHTF, will likely form into a new community in an organic fashion, even including us old hippies out at the end. 


Just heard there are two cases in our little county now, but, the powers that are aren't telling anyone where in the county these are.  Brilliant!  Mutherfucker!

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Posted 09 April 2020 - 04:24 PM

While I do think looters followed by gangs and hillbilly militias are a valid concern in the event of a total system failure I'm more concerned about getting our damn shit together to prevent that in the first place!

Starting 20 years ago epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists around the world have been shouting from the rooftops that this current scenario was inevitable. Not possible, not likely, inevitable.

No one in power, and damn few individuals, listened.

Seventeen years ago it was very nearly set off by SARS. SARS had a whopping case fatality rate of 11%. The only thing that saved us was that SARS was not as highly transmissible as it could have been, so it was contained.

No one in power, and damn few individuals, took heed of that lesson.

Eight years ago we had a brush with MERS. It was even less transmissible than SARS, to our great fortune since MERS had a case fatality rate of 34%! Thats nearly a planet killer, for christ sake!

No one in power, and damn few individuals, took heed of that lesson. Nothing of substance was done to prepare for the next edition.

Now we have out next warning. COVID-19. Its rattling the windows of the world, causing economic meltdowns, hundreds of millions of jobs, and has medical systems teetering on the brink of collapse or failing entirely.

What will be done after COVID?

Will we train the populace in epidemic preparedness?

Will we create and maintain national stockpiles of essential supplies that could actually last us through two months?

Will we make hospital-in-a-box kits so we can build fully functional 1,000 bed hospitals from the ground up in a week, like the chinese did?


Or will we shrug it off, go back to having 4 days of food and no medical supplies in our homes, let the government dismantle our only defenses so they can go on golfing trips, and reduce this entire incident to jokes about toilet paper and condom shortages?


I know which I think is more likely.

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Posted 10 April 2020 - 06:45 AM

That "like" was for posting it, not what it says. Fuck.
I can almost hear millions of rifles being eagerly loaded on both sides of that insanity.
It's going to be interesting to see how willing to enforce such things the troops would be. They will be insanely outnumbered, and ...all that that implies.

Judging by the volume of the bleating, sheep words of doom and dread, being blared from hundreds of millions TV and Internet opinion generators. The people are fractured in belief and torn between solutions and scapegoats.

They will do what the bleating voices tell them to do. They will report on their neighbors as well . Should any of the flock stray, it is your duty to tell us about them. Only in this way, can we keep you safe.

If I could roll my eyes any harder they'd pop outta my skull.

There are not enough people left awake to get this locomotive to hell stopped.

Like the song says. I'm just going to try to enjoy the ride.
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Posted 10 April 2020 - 12:53 PM


That "like" was for posting it, not what it says. Fuck.
I can almost hear millions of rifles being eagerly loaded on both sides of that insanity.
It's going to be interesting to see how willing to enforce such things the troops would be. They will be insanely outnumbered, and ...all that that implies.

Judging by the volume of the bleating, sheep words of doom and dread, being blared from hundreds of millions TV and Internet opinion generators. The people are fractured in belief and torn between solutions and scapegoats.



I'm not sure if I'm interpreting your reply correctly, but I would agree that the bleating of the vacuous talking bobbleheads on TV (as opposed to statements made by the relative few informed and reasonable medical experts allowed to appear on camera) seems to be trying to get people to panic about shit that either isn't real or isn't relevant (basically anything that doesn't threaten the bottom line of the status quo will do) and so are definitely making things worse.


But at the same time, the pandemic is a genuine threat to us on every level and is causing a global economic disaster that would be exponentially worse if we just let it run its course, though that is difficult to accept for most since it's hard to quantify all the death and destruction prevented by taking strong and decisive action. The measures being taken are definitely oppressive, but death and total economic collapse are ultimately much more oppressive than lockdowns. The expressed dread of much of the general public about impending doom is largely stemming from a widespread and growing perception that we're rapidly approaching precisely the kind of doom that is arguably reasonable to dread.


When so many people currently have no income or savings and have kids (and themselves) to feed, and all indications from the Federal government are that competence and compassion are off the table, then it's quite reasonable to expect the worst and conclude that we're on our own when it comes to facing it.


So a growing dread about doom and gloom seems entirely reasonable when considering that we're still not even halfway through this nightmare yet, that armed extremist groups are feeling empowered enough to openly advocate violence against the government this Sunday in Idaho (among other places), that many millions more people will be seeking help at food banks that are already overwhelmed and sending families away empty-handed (it's hard to overstate how alarming that is), and that it's barely even begun to ravage the developing nations we depend on being able to exploit for so much of our stuff. And if our food banks are unable to keep up with demand here in the world's wealthiest nation then I don't even want to think about what life is going to deteriorate into in the developing world over the next few months.



Climate change, drought, and pandemics are probably the worst possible disasters to confront a society that has more or less lost any semblance of an attention span. They advance much too slowly to keep our attention focused on them long enough to meaningfully address them. I guess that's why we tend to prefer to deal with problems we can shoot at, and why we expand problems we can't shoot at into other problems that we can.


Within the first week or two of the stay-at-home orders or lockdowns a disturbing number of people started losing their minds thanks to being stuck in their houses and apartments (just look at their youtube videos). These were people stuck in dwellings that in most cases were still stocked with food, still had the lights on, and still had TV and the Internet to distract themselves with.


Maybe for some perspective on time we should all go read (or re-read) The Diary of Anne Frank and be glad that we don't have to hide in a little room behind a bookcase with people who annoy us for years whenever anyone comes around in hopes they won't kidnap and murder us, and she didn't even have Netflix, Zoom, or weed to help get her through it. Also, her fear and dread were ultimately proven to be entirely reasonable and prudent since as we all know her story didn't have a happy ending. Neither will ours, but it's still probably worth trying to minimize just how bad of an ending we're likely to face, which requires making people realize just how high the stakes are.

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Posted 10 April 2020 - 04:18 PM

In the end
The death toll will be like a really bad flu season
Your chance of dying is just that. Chance.
We as a society accept the mind numbing death toll of automobile operations
We can deal with this as well

Economic death is guaranteed if we stay locked in our barns.
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Posted 10 April 2020 - 04:29 PM

I lean in your direction of thought GORF.

A person can respond with endless deluges of paragraphs of information to the contrary and overwhelm the core of the thought.

This is a bad case of the flu. Just that and nothing more.

Fucked is fucked. Get sick - get your ticket punched (or not) - and we move on.

Now, we're all fucked. The globe, the nation, and hopefully those who are scrambling to line their pockets while we're being fucked at this very moment.

The lock bar is down and we're cresting the apex of the entry ramp. I likes me some chaos too. Let's relax and see where this goes. Did you drop acid like I did before we entered the amusement park? If not, I'll be the only one tripping while we scream down the slope and into the mix.

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Posted 10 April 2020 - 08:30 PM


Kentucky to record license plates of those attending services this weekend and require them to quarantine for 14 days

From CNN's Rebekah Riess

The state of Kentucky is taking new action to discourage individuals from participating in mass gatherings, such as church services, Gov. Andy Beshear announced Friday.

The state will be recording the license plates of those who show up to any mass gatherings and provide that information to the local health departments, who will in turn order those individuals to be quarantined for 14 days, according to Beshear.

Beshear said the state is down to less than seven churches state-wide that are still “thinking about” having an in-person service this weekend.

“Folks, we shouldn’t have to do this,” Beshear said. “I think it’s not a test of faith whether you’re going to an in-person service, it’s a test of faith that you’re willing to sacrifice to protect your fellow man, your fellow woman, your fellow Kentuckian, and your fellow American.”

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Posted 10 April 2020 - 08:32 PM

Tell me which side is more of a threat?

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Posted 10 April 2020 - 09:08 PM

This is worth a read, and has way too many good points from a number of different well-informed perspectives on the economic vs. health vs. social issues to try to summarize:





My takeaway from it is that its become a matter of "your money or your life," but that "your money" in many cases is also your life, though the fact that this is the case is largely a function of how we've been doing things (or not doing them, in the case of universal healthcare). And since we've been doing things this way for so long, there is a nearly insurmountable amount of inertia working against any fundamental change of direction.


To counter massive inertia in a controlled and predictable manner requires either a low amount of force applied and sustained over a long period of time or a high amount of force applied as a singular shock. A pandemic with an economic shutdown on top of it seems like a strong shock applied over a long period of time, which will induce changes that are too massive and dramatic to control or predict.


So what we got here is an insoluble conflict, which means we're in for a real rough ride for a very long time no matter what we do. Even the wealthiest are getting worried. If any are not then they've not read the seething comments under any news story about the stark difference in levels of hardship experienced by the rich vs. the poor in dealing with the lockdowns. The "your money or your life" dilemma might knock on their door one day, too.



But no worries, Big Data is coming to the rescue. And you won't have to bother with downloading the contact tracing app since it'll eventually be bundled in your OS or Android updates, which you will presumably be nagged about opting-in to since they claim it's voluntary:


So on top of "your money or your life" we've also got to deal with the massive and ongoing power-grab that the world's high-functioning psychopaths are undertaking while taking care to parse attempts at imposing authoritarian oppression from genuinely-useful technological developments that can help slow down the pandemic without sacrificing privacy at all or civil liberties for more than the minimum amount of restriction for the minimum amount of time necessary to preserve the most amount life (as opposed to numbers of lives; see the NYT article above for the distinction).


Unfortunately, the more I think about it the more this dilemma about how to proceed seems like an insoluble conflict as well, mainly due to the inherent nature of the technology involved regardless of who is implementing it today. And the thing about insoluble conflicts within chaotic systems is that it doesn't matter what we do as far as what ends up happening is concerned. So hang on tight and we'll see who's still around when the dust settles.



I propose setting up an international organization to coordinate the funding and execution of a program to provide at least one 300 microgram dose of LSD to every individual on the planet over the age of 13. This is actually doable with LSD relatively quickly which is the only reason why I didn't suggest mushrooms. Time is not on our side, and neither is the scale involved in the challenge of tweaking the consciousness of billions of people ASAP, which is the only real "solution" we have for what ails us (except for the virus itself since acid won't actually help with that, at least not directly).

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Posted 10 April 2020 - 10:40 PM

I was just reminded about the fact that Michael Bloomberg spent $500 million to lose a Primary.


I guess that was money worth risking. The funny part is that he could've probably ensured his election by instead giving every man, woman, and child in the United States $1 million in cash, and he would even have $171 million left in change!


There are over 2,000 billionaires in the world.



And yet...

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Posted 11 April 2020 - 12:16 AM


“Folks, we shouldn’t have to do this,” Beshear said. “I think it’s not a test of faith whether you’re going to an in-person service, it’s a test of faith that you’re willing to sacrifice to protect your fellow man, your fellow woman, your fellow Kentuckian, and your fellow American.”


Yea! In person services are a threat to humanity...except grocery stores, DIY stores, coffee stands, gas station mini-marts, Amazon wharehouses, pizza delivery...won't someone think of the children...

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