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Rooster Vision

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Posted 23 April 2021 - 01:36 PM

A real life superhero


[Direct Link]

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Posted 23 April 2021 - 05:14 PM



He took the risky approach and put the kid back up on the platform instead of grabbing the kid and carrying him or her out of the way (to the right). Granted, he didn't have much time to decide and it all worked out in the end, fortunately.


And is it just me or is that the widest set of train tracks you've ever seen?



And in other news, these exist:




Impressive ergonomics that promote more restful sleep:




Some of the claims:


  • Adorable little eyes
  • EXTREMELY girthy
  • Very cuddly
  • Cuter than a real one




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Posted Yesterday, 07:48 PM


I can't see under my pillow, or into my shoes before I put them on, lol. :ph34r:


He or she is free to hang in the crawl space where there will always be plenty of bugs to catch, unlike inside the house. I already have a few house spiders in corners watching over the interior and don't ever see any bugs big enough to feed my new recurring guest with the exception of a couple of scorpions that also walked out on the wall of my bedroom into my peripheral vision and stopped there for me to collect and take outside. I had to extend them the same courtesy as the spiders since they're in the same taxonomic Class, which I thought was really pushing it as far as the deal went but they had a better lawyer and the Judge is pretty staunchly pro-life.


If there's a fifth visit then it'll be time to name him (I'm just going to assume it's male) and I'll try to begin training him to follow basic commands, ideally without having to use a leash.


Well I'll be damned.


He came back for a fifth visit yesterday morning. Took 12 days this time. I'm going to go ahead and call him a "he" since I assume he's male due to his being real stubborn but not real bright. I took him waaaaay down my driveway last time. I decided to name him Clancy, after Duncan Trussell's character in The Midnight Gospel.


This time Clancy was in my kitchen on the wall above where I keep my coffee. Well good morning to you, sir! Out of habit I went ahead and made some coffee anyway. There has to be some kind of instinct algorithm that the mind uses to meter out how much adrenaline we get shot up with where the dosage is directly proportional to how close our hand is to the giant spider (or snake) when we first notice it.


I've still got Clancy in a jar, and tomorrow I'm going to drive him to a neighboring state before releasing him back into the wild. While it's adorable that he can't quit me and all that, I really don't want a giant spider for a roommate. I'll give him some cash before I turn him loose to help him get back on his feet in an unfamiliar place but I'll be sure not to give him enough to buy a bus ticket back to my place, just in case.



This has been genuinely bizarre and inexplicable.



But wait there's more.


I went looking for where I'd mentioned Midnight Gospel since I thought I'd mentioned it around here before and I found this post from almost exactly a year ago.


Guess what I plucked off my wall a couple of days ago, right in the same spot almost exactly (to the day!) one year later? Another freakin' wolf spider! But smaller than last year's (so far). So I'm guess it's junior. WTF is up with that??


I relocated it way down the hill again, and so far Clancy jr. has not returned.

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