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Amanita Muscaria Tea knocked me out

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#1 Cavemanfergie99



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Posted 10 April 2020 - 05:44 AM

Hi Guys, 


First time trying Amanita Muscaria two nights ago. I picked the mushrooms 5 months ago. Dried them out for 3 days then stored them in my fridge until now.


Stewed 10 grams in 2 cups of water for around 1 hour, keeping the temperature between 75c - 80c.


Squeezed half a lemon in with it and drank the tea.


30 mins in i felt heavy and drowsy


45 mins in i felt a little sick and sweaty


Around 1 hour in i passed out. Woke up 2 hours later and went to bed where i slept incredibly deeply for 11 hours.


Woke up feeling fresh !!!


Next time i feel i should lower the dose. Any advice would be greatly appreciated for next time.


Many thanks


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#2 Awakening


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Posted 10 April 2020 - 09:40 PM

I'm only just getting familiar with Amanita muscaria as well. From my understanding 10g is probably a lot. I've been microdosing as well as cooking them up for food (boil solidly for 30 minutes in plenty of water and throw away the water when done). Just recently I skipped the long cooming time maybe only cooking them for 5-10 minutes and had quite a buzz. The water had a strong colour so I can only imagine that there were a lot of actives present in the water and thus the active dose that I ate would have been quite low. My suggestion is to start small, a gram maybe less and work your way up. These mushrooms are hard to dose because of the way their potency varies. I'm currently making an Amanita tincture for microdosing with, it's been an interesting ally thus far!
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#3 Cavemanfergie99



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Posted 13 April 2020 - 04:34 AM

Thankyou for your reply and your advice. I agree, 10 grams was over the top for my first time. Dodgy info unfortunately.

I'm interested in how your tincture turns out. I would have thought amanita and alcohol would be a bad mix.

May I ask what amanita has shown/taught you as an ally ?

#4 porkmander



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Posted 13 April 2020 - 08:04 PM

I saw a youtube channel of a guy who tries psychedelics, including Muscaria, he also passed out for some time and had a decent sleep, quite interesting watching his progress.

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