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Taking edibles for isolation

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Posted 15 April 2020 - 03:25 PM

I have really been on the fence when it comes to edibles. I realized it's all due to my impatience now. Being unemployed and having all damn day to get high. I find they are more enjoyable than smoking at the moment. I just never had the patience after work to wait a couple hours for it to really kick in. It was just a weekend thing and I might have been taking to much. Couch pass out in the afternoon was all to easy.  Now that I have time to sit and wait for them to kick in, have some caffeine to keep me going. Taking lower dose, it seem like a sweet spot


It's great, just not as convenient as smoking


I do think it's a generally more enjoyable ride. My paranoia levels seem to go way down versus smoking. It last's longer and I think for that reason is more economical. 


Anyone else on here do edibles quite consistently?



One downside for me Is my body stone is so good that I forget to move. Stood up yesterday and there is a pinch in my lower back.


No joke one time I messed up my back so bad I had to take a couple days off work, it was embarrassing

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Posted 15 April 2020 - 05:55 PM

I enjoy edibles and in the long term, they are probably the healthiest method to get high. Lately, I've been making gummies and find them very convenient. I try to make a day time batch that is usually sativa or an up hybrid. I also make a night time batch that is hybrid or indica. I make mostly 33mg gummies but do make a few 233mg unicorn head shapes. Right now I have some Platinum GG x Special #2 in lemon flavored gummies, Spec #2 in grape and a few 2019 blend in orange left. I noticed the PlatGG x Spec#2 gives a really nice body high, maybe CBD??? In any case while recovering from an injury I was eating probably 8 unicorn gummies a day and felt serious pain relief while remaining fairly clear headed, just a little "floaty". Now, just 1-2 33mg gummies feels real nice during the day if I can.

The other gummies, about an hour before bed. If you eat too much, you might wake up tomorrow with drool on your pillow........and still high. :)
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