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Malaysian Cubes and Copes for Moonless

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Posted 23 April 2020 - 09:48 AM

Tried to post this in a private message to Moonless but I still do not know how to post pictures with that method which is different than posing images here.


The Malaysian strain came from me from Ator  Selar, Kuala Lumphur, Malaysia. I had a 15 minute train stop there when the train makes local stops and kids get ont he train selling soda and water and chicken on a stick to the Western Tourists on the train on our way to the Island of Penang to the town of Georgetown. I had to get a isa renewed because customs accidetnally gave me a five day visa to Thailand so I went to Malaysia.


I collected some Copelandia and Psilocybe cubensis specimens at that location just off from the tracks were several manure piles of Cubes and some copes in taller grass that I saw. There were two different species of bluing Copelandia there. Only a microscope can differentiate the species from one another.  


The cubes I had to lay on the outside of a plastic bag.  When I got in the train, I made two spore prints off of one nice cube in a petri dish which I took. I also made several spore swaub culture tune sticks in a test tube of the cubes and the copes.


Then a friend of mine developed a good Strain off the Malasyian Cube. 


Here are two pictures of the  wild cubes and the two different species of Copelandia in one single photo.  


The Copelandia species, ttwo different ones. One with cone-shaped caps and other with more conical-shaped caps.



SEM Copelandia cyanescens photograph of the spores of the specimens on the right grouping in the Copelandia photograph.



The cubes I collected on a plastic bag in Alor Setar which is the 2nd largest city in Kuala Lumphur, Malaysia.,

And here is one of the SEM photographs of the spores of the Alor Setar, Kuala Lumphun, Malaysian strain of the cubes in the image above.
SEM photography by Prakitsin Shihanonth and me at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.
Photo is of me and Dr. Sihanontb creating these SEM images.  3 Images. I get the iamge I want, and then Dr. Sihanonth fine tunes the images and the camera takes the pictures.
And here we are congradulating one another on a job well done. 
This image was from another trip when we were studying some other species such as P. samuiensis and P. antioquiensis from Cambodia.  Here I am fine tuning what another professeor is choosing an image of a species we are working on togeher.

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Posted 23 April 2020 - 11:49 AM

They're pretty little ones. I especially love those SEM photos.


Thanks for sharing MJ

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