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One of my first tubs had started fruiting again after hubby messed with it

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Posted 30 May 2020 - 03:22 AM

Hey everyone

So one of my first tubs gave me about 3 flushes if I remember correctly, after that my hubby said he wants to keep the tub (as is and without picking off the aborts) and "experiment" on it while I wait for new grain jars to colonize... What's interesting is that hubby decided to take the "used" substrate/cake and ad a light "layer" of coffee powder directly on top and to the left (maybe a table spoon or so) and then misted it quite heavily... About a week later he cut the whole thing in half and turned the right side (without the additional coffee powder) completely on its head... he's placed the whole tub directly in the sun a few times, thinking something might happen then because it's been quite cold here with evening temps going to something like - 3C...
2 weeks later the tub has made new pins and seems to be growing again? Should I tell him to pick the aborts and leave the new larger pins to grow? Haha! This is his tub now, I've bought myself 2 new tubs to replace the one he's hijacked
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Posted 14 June 2020 - 07:03 PM

Sprinkling coffee grounds onto a colonized substrate is risky but if it colonized then it's just adding a minuscule amount of nutrients to the substrate as a whole.

I'd leave the aborts and allow the new mushrooms to grow in that way there is no mistake of accidently picking new mushrooms.

Substrates I've heard of going on to produce 6 flushes but usually contaminate after the 3rd. I only flush mine 3x out of personal preference, the 4th flush usually isnt worth the wait when colonized jars are already waiting for a tub to be freed up.
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