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OMG had two trips in one day that have changed my life

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Posted 23 June 2020 - 06:19 PM

Hey so I bought some crystal it was ment to be a stimulant but it had non visual psychedlic effects big time as well as feeling happy motivated and energetic. I know it's bad but I shot about 20-30mg of it and wow.
I have never felt so woke in my life before. Like everything I had ever heard seen read and experienced all of a sudden connected and was related to understanding the true nature of reality and the reason for life. It was a pretty spiritual moment. I wasn't sure if life was going to continue after as I felt as tho I had completed the reason I was born it lasted about 20 mins it was an enlightened spiritual experience. The stimulation lasted many hours longer. In which time I brushed up on my diploma level chemistry and am now thinking I'll aim to learn enough by myself to get a degree in chemistry.

The fun didn't stop there tho.

Later I was hesitant to pack to much and wanted to only have a little but decided on a decent amount maybe 80mg of Changa. Packing the cone like

[Direct Link]

haha. Anyway Like omg so intense it was alot more vivid than last time on half the dose, fully transported to another room or world with eyes closed. There were 2 or 3 entities there. One was a women ;P things were rushing around and so colourful. The enntities were flying around over and close then far from me. I could hear them, my thoughts the hum/wind, I had total body sensation of wind and things hitting Into me. I couldn't breath but didn't need too. I was aware of everything at once and nothing to focused on at the same time.

These experiences have left me humbled and I feel like I need to focus on a life more devoted to living right in regards to self love and love to those around me while on a never ending pursuit of self improvement.

Hope you enjoyed the read, peace and love my brothers.
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