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Photos of experimental grows to illustrate effect of environmental variables?

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#1 Severian



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Posted 28 June 2020 - 07:29 PM

Tongue twister of a title


I realize that the obvious best answer to this is "Run your own experiments"


Yes. However, I'm moving from my present location and my landing pad is currently uncertain, so I'm going to have to table the mycology for a time.


In the meantime- I'm dead curious- Does anyone have any photo evidence of experiments run with the intention of illustrating the effect certain environmental variables have on the fruiting process?


Such as Temperature, RH etc?


The below the closest I have myself- though it doesnt exactly fall into the 'side by side' category, and while the addition of FAE from basically none might be the best reason for the relative increase in meatiness of fruits in the 2nd flush, the fact that it's second flush pretty much makes it impossible to pin that correlation on the increase in FAE.


Going to be harvesting here some of this monotubs 2nd flush later today


But first a photo of first flush for comparison

strain is Redboy , harvest on solstice, 6/21


Tall, lanky mofo's with tiny, pale heads


I fanned once when putting the tub into FC, otherwise I left it totally alone under the mistaken understanding that this unmodified monotub was 'set and forget'


Well, 'set and forget' is dependant on environmental conditions, including temps, and ambient temps were in the mid 80s on average for the week of pinning-IMG-0403.jpg


Vs. where I've been fanning 3-5x per day. FAE makes a huge difference clearly.




These guys are way meatier





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#2 sandman



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Posted 30 June 2020 - 01:13 PM

I think that we probably aren't collecting accurate enough data to make anything more than presumptions. Although the temperature thing would be a pretty easy one to run side by sides. Anything else like RH and FAE I doubt anyone has instruments and methods that are accurate enough to really get any useful info. Just too many variables without really tight controls, like you were alluding to the 2nd flush normally being thicker so hard to say anything about your pics. 

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