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Why magic mushrooms turn blue solved!

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#21 Jrotten



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Posted 12 July 2020 - 10:29 AM

This is all very interesting.  Anecdotally, I would say lemon tek definitely works. It works so well I don't like it.  The rapid come up creates a lot of anxiety that takes a while to wear off when I find my peak and then the experience wears off faster leaving less "productive" time in the middle.  I still use the fresh lemon in my tea though mostly in an attempt to liberate the actives and preserve them.  I can't remember ever not using the lemon in the tea.  I've definitely had it un-blue my tea before when added late.  The tea still has the rapid come up issue, but the palatability of the tea allows for sipping rather than shooting which solves that problem if drank over 20 or so minutes.  I'm not sure how scientific you could ever get with a bioassay at home, but a series of tea experiments with and without lemon might be interesting.

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#22 FunG


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Posted 17 July 2020 - 07:45 AM

I recently steeped enough aborts to turn the water dark blue.

I observed multiple different color changes.

Freshly brewed was dark blue
Then it turned black
And after opening it once it turned brown.

It didnt turn brown for quite sometime. I guess brown is the color of psilocybin that has oxidized greatly.

Next grow I'll photo log the color changes that occur with shroom tea.

#23 Severian



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Posted 23 October 2020 - 10:51 AM

Hmm, Isatis (woad) is a potent antiviral. Curious if the antiviral properties of said traditional indigo dye plant are not replicated in mushrooms?

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