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The 2020 Exotic Thread

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#1 Akari


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Posted 01 August 2020 - 06:58 PM

I know. Hear me out.
So basically my brain is caving in. I'm combing through the vaults. A lot of this information is geared towards someone who already knows something about the topic. Ignoring the scientific method.
Things like incubation temp (for everything) aren't solid. People disagree. For example. I'm told to keep cubes at 80-85 degrees. I've even seen people who say the myc performs better in the 87-88 range. Then someone tells me, pans prefer it somewhat warmer than cubes and says (75-80) degrees... Does that mean they like it warmer than that or what???
Anyway. I'm trying to find pretty specific shits, noting how difficult it is to get this information all together one place I've made the agar thread. Now I've got a handle on cubes, I'm not gonna make separate threads. I asked some stuff about pans in my pans thread... So... Here goes.
What is a woodlover. What are the strains?
I'm a scientific. With all cubensium, they're all the same species, so I can assume much, but when I venture into the exotic territory, we've got cyanescens, azurescens, friscosa. I don't know where to begin categorizing my knowledge of these species and how to approach them. It's pretty obvious to me I wanna do it all, but I don't know where to start. 
I do have one question, but I'd ask the god of mushrooms, (whoever here will answer to that title) take this as your moment to shine (and utterly jack this thread) and school us on paneleous exotica. And I'm sure there are more. But yeah, what are all the exotic strains (known)?(lots of parentheses)
My singular question tho is for woodlovers.
What is the spawn you use for a woodlover?
Or any outdoor mushrooms for that matter?
What are the best strains for outdoor?
And what are the best incubation temps for these strains?
See. A very singular question.

#2 coorsmikey



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Posted 01 August 2020 - 08:59 PM

Check out these "Active" threads. The Vaults are old and you can't participate in them.
Communal Woodlover Grow log
Communal Psilocybe semperviva/hoogshagenii grow?
Official Copelandia/Panaeolus Thread
I think you bring up a good point though, like a how to navigate the site for peeps that still think that SGFC and high temps are the way to go. The TMC has been outdated even to Paul Stamets standards. He does have more current stuff that is just as cool as 20 years ago.
I don’t mean to sound crude at all but when you were posting about your life stuff, a lot of folks were posting current grow data. By just recently leaning to search the vaults and missing the last ten years of growing kinda of discredits the work folks put in. I bet the folks that have posted good grow content in that time could talk about what you’ve posted about your family, life and kids issues, your spirituality and meltdowns. It may not be easy to search for but it’s hear if you’re looking in the right places.

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#3 Arathu



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Posted 02 August 2020 - 09:11 AM

The old godz have left us and returned to the's the only way we'll evolve past the absurdities and ignorance which currently plague us....


Many lives many lessons............


right now I'm pretty much writing a woodlover book, or so I think...... :tongue:


Topia already contains an unbelievable amount of information on this particular subject so this may be a good spot to create a comprehensive detailed index of pointers to those locations....


Which could/should bring about some serious discussions methinks....


The Communal Woodlover Grow Log alone is literally years of applied collective knowledge and techniques that demonstrate application of the teachings of the ascended MASTERS...........hahahaha


I learned just about everything I know about the subject from Topia (directly and indirectly), Stamets books, and the fungi themselves.........


A VERY worthy pursuit Akari IMHO....



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#4 Akari


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Posted 02 August 2020 - 11:31 AM

Yeah, i thought I loved woodlovers before.

Now I'm fucking OBSESSED!!!


They flush out for years!?! YEARS!?!?!


So what do you know specifically about the shredded newspaper/popcorn for spawn?

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#5 Akari


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Posted 02 August 2020 - 08:51 PM

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